5 my-heart-is-bleeding-all-over-this-book stars!

Mia Asher broke me. She broke me, I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this. Honestly. I hated it from the very first page. I hated it with a passion. And not in the it’s-so-awesome-I-hate-it kinda way but real raw hate. Cathy is a bitch, plain and simply. She’s a bitch from the first page till almost the last one. She is married with what could possibly be the best husband in the world, not just an amazing book husband but really an amazing and loving person that proved he really is the only lovable character in this book.

About 80% in I was pulling my hair and screaming to myself mostly for not stopping at the first chapter. This really shows how much can the end change the whole book.

Did I mention that I hated it from the get go? Yeah. Cathy, the very same happily married woman, meets Arsen, her boss’s son. He’s a womanizing asshole that will waste no time hitting on a married woman. From that point it is filled with lies, cheating, lies, cheating and even more lies and cheating. Basically it makes you want to slap her and yell at her. Let’s say I get cheating because of a bad marriage, I can understand that but cheating because your husband is too perfect and nice and too positive for you, that I don’t get. Which is the case here.

Ben, the husband, is a saint. Through and through. From the first page till his dying days I believe. He is the only reason why I kept reading, and I’m so glad I did. So, so glad. Their marriage is tainted by the lack of children and the strain is starting to get to them, understandably so. Falling in the bad boy’s bed – well mostly bed anyway – is Cathy’s way of “feeling free”. I don’t want to give too much away but it is worth it. All the hair pulling I did and all the screaming, everything. Every little thing is worth it in the end. I love-hate book that will give you very strong feels and basically…


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