My TBR is full as it is with real books but oddly, TV and movies have for years made up books to go along with their plot that not only fascinate me but I would totally add them on my TBR and read it till I dropped from exhaustion. As a person who loves movies and binge watches more than I should, fictional writers have always made me extremely curious, what type of writer would they be, would I normally enjoy their books and obsess over them? Books on this ist and their writers will always make me wondr so here are my favorite books from TV/movies that despite them being fake they occupy a place in my mental TBR, like the real one wasn’t enough.

An Unkindness of Ravens by Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill)

On top of my list is Lucas, the charming basketball player from One Tree Hill who turned writer and from the very little details we know about both books, I just WANT TO READ THEM! I’m still upset that both Ravens and The Comet are fictional, what did I do to deserve this, what? Ravens was even turned into a movie in the show, talk about fictional success!

“Suddenly, it was as if the roar of the crowd, the echo of the final buzzer, the cheers of my teammates were all sounding from a thousand miles away. And what remained in that bizarre, muffled silence was only Peyton, the girl whose art and passion and beauty had changed my life. At that moment, my triumph was not a state championship, but simple clarity. The realization that we had always been meant for each other and every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth. I was now, and would always be, in love with Peyton Sawyer.”

Chapter Three. Peyton Sawyer is destined for greatness. Actually, she already is great. Because Peyton Sawyer has a thing called integrity. And nothing or no one is ever going to change that.”

The Comet by Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill)

These unforgettable quotes from The Comet… I’m still swooning over the tiny quotes we got. Definitely 5 stars, after all this book stopped a wedding and saved me from having a heart attack *eyes the writers* that was not cool!

“It was more than just a comet because of what it brought to his life: direction, beauty, meaning. There were many who couldn’t understand, and sometimes he walked among them. But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him, and his world would be whole again… And his belief in God and love and art would be re-awakened in his heart.”

The boy saw the comet and he felt as though his life had meaning. And when it went away, he waited his entire life for it to come back to him.”


Books by Gilderoy Lockhart (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

Lockhart, famous for tricking wizards into telling him their accomplishments and erasing their memories stole wrote 13 books in total. Among them titles like Break with a Banshee, Magical Me, Marauding with Monsters, Wanderings with Werewolves, Who Am I?

The Book of Shadows (Charmed)

WHY ISN’T THE BOOK OF SHADOWS REAL WHY! Sure it would be useless since I wasn’t blessed with magical powers but it’s still an iconic book with so many spells!

Dealbreakers: A Girl’s Guide to Shutting it Down by Liz Lemon (30 Rock)

Liz Lemon is badass and I need this.

Planet Nowhere by David S. Rosenthal (The Middle)

I love Brick Heck, he’s on top of my fictional bookworms and Planet Nowhere (credited to the show’s writer and co-executive producer) is a sci-fi series that occupies most of his time on the show, other than fonts; he goes to conventions, he obsesses over it like any bookworm and the plot actually sounds like something I would read.

Z is for Zombie by Nick Miller (New Girl)

Nick Miller wrote a zombie book. I’m more curious to see what type of writer he would be and zombies aren’t my thing but still, I would totally read it.

Book by Jane Villanueva (Jane The Virgin)

I love this show and Jane is the best ever, so naturally I would want to read anything she’d write.

Burn Book (Mean Girls)


I Do, Do I? by Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City 2)

Or anything by Carrie, including full articles.

Book by Eddie Morra (Limitless)

Eddie Morra used a pill that allowed him to basically write an entire book in mere hours, among other cool stuff. Oh and yeah, don’t do drugs, kids. But gimme what he wrote.

Did you even know there were so many made up books? Do you have any fake books you’d read?


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