3 not amazon stars!

This book confused me like no other. It had all the ingredients of a 5 star but it went about it wrong to me. Let me start by saying I loved the cover, I loved it even though I know better than to judge a book by its cover. My major issues I guess were with the beginning of this book, it felt so rushed and the two MCs really had the insta thing going on (on all aspects!) which inevitably lead to other things as well, plus there were things that personally bother me in books (like when girls call each other bitches and this one did it a lot) but I overlooked it.

Despite those issues though, I really, really, liked it and I wish it was a bit better cause it deserved more stars.

From the beginning the two MCs had the secret as they both kept referring to in their heads from their respective pasts and one of the two really had a reason to be fucked up, the other one not so much. Trying to review without spoiling is just not really working but I’m trying here. I liked the writing but I both liked and disliked the characters an equal amount. There are things I don’t like in my characters and both these guys had a few of them. Vivian was voluptuous in boy and spirit, she was supposed to be really smart (she wants to build the next amazon empire) when in fact she came off as extremely naive and her reasoning for things that kept happening was just not smart.

Oliver has a fucked up past, but he also had a fucked up way of dealing with those issues and not just from his perspective but the parents in this one were frustrating at times. Oliver is older and he should have gotten the right help so to say to deal with his issues. The general idea I got from them was rushed, rushed into everything and insta-ing every aspect of their lives, it could have been a great read if they’d just slow down.

I did like the ending though, I cried like a baby and I did not saw that coming at all. Definitely a book to read and be pleasantly surprised!




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