3 hitman-turns-boyfriend stars!

While I’m trying to put my thoughts into order and FINALLY review The King, I went into my reading cave and read a couple of series. It helps me think.

As much as I liked the first few chapter of this book – almost half way in actually – that much I was torn with the ending.

Daisy is innocent beyond words. Having to take care of her father due to his agoraphobia; she was sheltered and home-schooled. Until one day she leaves it all behind and goes to live on her own. I don’t really know how I feel about this. She left her father behind, sure she’s had enough but leaving him in the care of a stranger maybe didn’t sit well with me. Anyway.

She finds an apartment from an ad and everything is going well for her.

Nikolai on the other hand is the opposite of Daisy. Raised to become a hitman, he is ruthless and cold and doesn’t really know anything else than killing for a living.

I have to say that as a hitman series it is not very successful. Only a few mentions now and then and barely sufficient. But I’ll get back to that.

The fact that Daisy is naive and innocent I could understand. Living with a controlling father was bound to shape her like that but the fact that she slowly became a whole other person around Nik – sex crazed and an pro! – was a little out of place.

Nik is hell bend over ruining her things only to use that as an excuse to by her new ones. At first I though, well played author, well played. But that went on for a while and it soon became a little old.

The story progresses with Daisy being oblivious to the fact that he is a hitman – even when he starts stalking her for her own good since she is too innocent to be working at a gas station but anyway.

With a lot of issues – but thankfully a lot of Russian accent, da! – the story was so-so.

And then shit hit the fan.

Nik’s enemies want to use Daisy to get him back into their organization and suddenly the plot twists and I’m left wondering…

Nik – the experienced one – acts like this is his first challenge ever and Daise – the innocent one – acts like she is the experienced hitman.

Overall there were parts that I really enjoyed – I repeat, that hot accent – and the well played innocence from Daisy’s part. Yes, I had a few issues but I did overlook them most of the time.

If you’re looking for a hitman series this is NOT it but if you’re looking for a hitman-turns-boyfriend then this is it!






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