4 reloaded stars!

You know what this is? This is what I love about reading. When you open a book because you’re curious to see how these two characters have developed and you kinda miss them and then all of a sudden the book comes to life and it sucks you into the story and you read slower than possible cause you don’t want it to end. Ever.

That’s the kind of book this is!

We met Nick and Daise in Last Hit, now to be honest that book wasn’t a major hit for me, it had some pretty good moments but it felt kind of over the top at times. So when I saw this I thought oh why not, I sort of miss Nick’s Russian accent; I’m so glad I did! Nick is… Nick. That’s the only way to describe him, he’s dramatic but not in a humorous over the top way, it’s like he’s always translating himself and he come off as this Russian royal that actually means every word, the hitman that will literally kill someone for little to no reason and the sweet guy that wants to show his love for Daise, he’s genuine and unique.

“Who has made you unhappy?” I ask immediately. Looking around I see only average students. Have any of them insulted her? I will demand they apologize.

Daisy is still the naive girl that is trying to break out of her shell and fit into this world she’s never really been a part of, the first book kind of made it more possible for her to be normal since she had a new friend and all but now with Nick who is equally unable to act normal and escape from his Bratva ways and the hitman life style, the two stick out like a sore thumb and the harder they try to fit the more messed up it gets, it was funny and adorable seeing they struggle with normalcy in public but act so domestic and normal in private.

And speaking of domestic and private; Nick is one hell of a dirty talker but again he’s not doing it on purpose, he actually means every word and his vocabulary is honest and raw, for him, words are simply words that describe an action or a feeling, he doesn’t try to beautify it, it just it.

“You’ve a dirty mouth,” she says. The smile dancing around the corners of her mouth is Mona Lisa mysterious.
I draw a hand across my lips. “My words you mean?”

Oh yes Nick, your words!

Loved it so much! I would’ve totally given it 5 stars but the length made me hold back I wish it wasn’t a novella because I wanted MORE NICK!!!!




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