The review contains spoilers.

4 surprising stars!

So, after a lot of pressure I finally succumbed and read yet another Colleen Hoover book. I have to say; it surprised me in a good way.

First of all let me say that I don’t need to like the characters in order to like the book. It has happened before and it happened again. While I really liked the plot and the book as a whole, I kind of hated the characters but I was hooked and I liked that I hated it.

The plot even if it was predictable, it was also unique, in a way.

The book begins with Sydney finding out that her boyfriend had an ongoing affair with her roommate. Moving out of the apartment is necessary but it leaves her homeless.

Enters Ridge. A neighbor whom Sydney has a unique relationship with. He offers her a spare room and the story starts a few weeks earlier.

Maybe Someday

Ridge is the mysterious neighbor that plays his guitar every night, suffering from a writer’s block, he is in need of a muse. A text – a desperate plea for lyrics from the girl who somehow is making up lyrics to go with the music since Ridge never singing while he plays, is the beginning of their unconventional story.

Sydney is heartbroken and Ridge is madly in love with his long time girlfriend.

My reaction.

I could see it happening. Page after page, chapter after chapter. A train-wreck. Written with beautiful lyrical words.


Throughout the story Ridge never stopped saying – and thinking – about Maggie, his girlfriend and how much he loves her and how he would do anything for her.

Truth be told, I was rooting for that couple. Their story, their interaction, everything.

But of course it wouldn’t happen because the heroine always wins – I did like the fact that even though Sydney was the other woman, Maggie was never portrait as a bitch or annoying girlfriend or anything to make us hate her in order to justify Ridge/Sydney.

What I didn’t like was the fact that Sydney – having just moved out of her apartment because of the whole boyfriend/roommate thing, would so easily not think twice about having feelings for a guy with a steady girlfriend.

Didn’t like her at all but I liked the irony.


Honestly, I would have liked it a lot better if the ending was a little vague. If Ridge hadn’t end up with either – I wasn’t even eager to find out, all I wanted to read the book for was Maggie so there’s that.

But Ridge’s relationship with Sydney was beautiful to read – didn’t like it but beautiful nonetheless.

Overall, I was pretty surprised that I liked it – liked that I hated it if that makes sense. It kept me up till the morning and it might have made me tear up a little. Color me surprised.





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