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I was in the middle of prepping for NaNoWriMo when I had the bright idea to binge watch the first season of Riverdale. A show I’ve heard so many things about (I still haven’t binged Stranger Things because the hype is so stressful) and I wasn’t even planning on it but I needed a break from NaNo.

Before I begin I have to say that I’ve stopped watching a lot of shows. First I stopped watching Arrow a few years back, then Supergirl, then Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, then The Flash and AHS and so on, so apart from Game of Thrones, Shadowhunters and the occasional binge on the latest Criminal MindsChicago PDLaw & Order, I have only been watching movies.

And now I’m hooked on Riverdale. Shocking I know.

The CW with its signature not-really-teenagers-but-go-with-it brought Archie and his friends to life, beloved characters from when I was a kid and I had very low expectations for Riverdale mostly because the material coming from CW is always on the cheesy side with lots of love triangles and teens behaving like adults from another century; all guilty pleasures of course but not something I can watch over and over and over again.


Riverdale brings the familiar characters, Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead with a retro feeling full of Gossip Girl meets Gilmore Girls vide and somehow in the middle of the soap opera mash that looks like a huge Lana Del Rey video clip, there’s a familiarity that I really enjoyed. The show in a clever way was titled Riverdale instead of any form that would have Archie’s name on the title since it focuses more on the characters and the town instead of Archie and adventures, opens with Jason Blossom’s death and pretty much everyone could be a suspect or covering something that connects them to the dead guy found it the river with a bullet hole in his forehead.

Archie is your usual teen, into music, into football, into girls. Betty and Veronica are the two kinds of girls you usually find in these shows, going to school with fancy dresses and pearls, I will never understand how teens on screen don’t reflect teens in rea life and Jughead is the teen who’s weird and it’s ok, even though he’s not really weird just a normal teenager. Also, I’ve never related to a character more than Jughead here:

Somehow this group of odd people works and the murderous vibe of Riverdale and the 99% of bad parenting makes for an addictive show. I don’t know if they were going for it but I don’t see Archie dominating the show, on the contrary Jughead is the character that I mostly want to see on screen, he has so much to offer as a character, his storyline is simply getting better with each episode; after getting involved with too many things Archie is borderline getting boring now, he has almost nothing left to give to the show since in just one season he went from jock to a singer to being involved in too many romantic relationships for any of them to stand out, he’s bland now and I need something to make him a bit more interesting for me.


Let me get to that 99% of bad parenting for a second, the show suffers from the same bad parenting theme most teen shows suffer from. The parents are awfully cartoonish in their behavior, so much so that their kids are turning into adults themselves to fix everything bad about Riverdale, including a useless sheriff that has yet to earn his title and paycheck even though I can’t really blame him when everyone in town are sabotaging his investigation. But major kudos to him for slowing turning into an awesome parent along with the only normal parent of the show, Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews. Seriously Sheriff Keller came a long way in just one season (and 3 episodes of the 2nd one).

Riverdale serves some major friendship goals too, and girls empowering other girls and standing up for them against sexual harassment, this show is very on point when it comes to addressing issues in a clever way.


Not to spoil too much but I’m betting you’ve seen #Bughead around on social media, like I did before I even knew what the show was about, and true Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones are seriously the cutest and most genuine couple of the show. Archie and his very new girlfriend Veronica went from complete strangers to a couple with a lot of messy and incomplete relationships and hook ups in between for me to connect with them as a pair while Bughead had a slow progression that I didn’t see coming (mostly due to Jughead’s complete disinterest in any romantic relationship in the comics) so while I was surprised I immediately loved them together.

Overall, this was addictive and the crime at the heart of it is just enough of a distraction to keep you hooked despite the cheesy soap opera drama it doesn’t shy away from. The first season was binge worthy and the second one is slowly introducing a biker gang as a permanent thing so here’s hoping for a mild Sons of Anarchy vide. Actually if Riverdale goes full on SOA mode, I’m here for it!

Have you seen Riverdale yet? On a scale of 1 to OMFG WHAT ARE YOU DOING how badly am I missing out on Stranger Things?

6 thoughts on “RIVERDALE | Season 1 Review”

    1. I had no interest in it either but then I watched the first episode and I was hooked! Archie is kind of boring, Jughead is far more complex but now the second season is actually a lot better and Archie seems to be getting better as a character. I hope you enjoy it if you end up watching it.

  1. OMG!!! I am so addicted to this show! It is so bad and good at the same time! I love Jughead so much!! I don’t know how I feel about Archie, and I don’t like Veronica. Cheryl is so psychotic, and that bright red, overdrawn lipstick is always in your face! Lol. There is so much bad parenting in this one too!

    And on a scale of 1-10 on missing out on Stranger Things, it is a 12, lol. I LOVE that show so much!!

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