Second series I’m reviewing as a series instead of individual books since I read it back to back.

4 hooked stars!

I picked up the first book of The Selection trilogy out of curiosity because I liked the princess-like cover and that blurb was amazing. What I didn’t expect was to get hooked and finish all three of them in a whole day, I just devoured them.

Yes, the story at the beginning roughly was similar to The Huger Games but only barely. This series could not be any more different.

The world the book is build upon is similar to THG and not so much. This one is divided into Eight castes. Eight being the lowest and One being a sort of Royal Family.

America, the main character is a Four. She’s an entertainer, she’s a singer. Now that Prince Maxon is of age, the Selection is the main event that only one girl will be chosen to marry Prince Maxon and be crowned princess of Illea.

This is where dystopian meets the Prince and Me with some Mean Girls in the mix to add more drama and surprisingly not only was it a good mix but the result surprised me!

From the moment America’s name is was chosen, her journey and race for the throne next to the Prince begins. But America is not like most girls. She doesn’t dream big, thinking of thrones and tiaras. She only wants a certain Five, Aspen. The boy she has been in love forever. But being a part of the selected girls will give her the one thing Aspen can’t. Food.

Dystopian remember?

The more she remains as a selected one the higher the price she receives when its all over. Unless of course it ends with a proposal.

Being a part of the selection is kind of like The Batchelor. Cameras, lights, make-up, dresses etc. But the story is told so beautifully and it develops so quickly there’s barely any moment to compare it to anything else since the author makes sure to highlight the dystopian factor of the story.

The first book of the series ends up with the next step of The Selection, the six girls that remain are The Elite.


The first book was all about America/Maxon and the rest of the girls. With 6 girls remaining, America faces a new challenge. The new guard at her door. Her very own Aspen.

Being a part of the Guard gives Aspen the one thing he didn’t have, food. And now with his new status, it is perfectly acceptable for the two of them to be together. After all, America doesn’t even like Maxon all that much – at least during the first book she didn’t but food is food when it comes to dystopian so she did all she could to stay as a Selected girl.

This book transformed into a love-triangle immediately. And the thing is that I actually liked – maybe loved – Aspen. From the first book Aspen was a mystery, we knew little about him but he seemed like a decent guy and I liked him more than Maxon. Let’s be honest, the Prince of Illea has the terrible task of choosing his wife from Illea’s most beautiful ladies and he can “date” all of them at the same time without blinking an eye.

So yeah, Team Aspen here.

America, so far, has chosen to stay so her reward won’t be lowered if she leaves the competition but with only six girls still going strong, she has to chose if she wants to stay and maybe win or if the time has come for her to leave and go back home.

On top of everything, her and Maxon have to deal with the Rebels that not only threaten the Selection but the castes too.

The America I liked from the first book had her stupid moments with this one. Going back and forth between Aspen and Maxon – even though she had every right since Maxon has been doing the same thing for the duration of the Selection, she is kind of annoying about it.

But in the end – of course – she makes a choice.


Seriously I don’t even remember the last time I read a book series back to back in a whole day – the definition of doing nothing but read for an entire day – this is it!

The Selection is down to four girls. America and Kriss being the two girls that can actually start preparing themselves for the end.

The only problem with the last book was that it kind of tried to put all the pieces together and tie loose ends, it felt a bit rushed and Maxon & America were constantly doing this little dance, one step forward and two steps back. It was tiring and it didn’t lead to anything in the end so pretty much pointless as they were both using each other and other people (Aspen & Kriss) as a back up plan, it irritated me to no end.

Despite the fact that a lot of things could be overlooked and the love triangles were just a means to further the story I still couldn’t put it down, I don’t know why on earth I liked it so much but I devoured all three of them.

The Bachelor and The Hunger Games made an odd but good combination. Royal Family with secrets of their own and the main characters that are called to play a game of fame and politics to win the people over and at the same time put an end to the Rebels and their plan to destroy the castes. All of the above made a thrilling series and surprisingly an unputdownable story of love and – dystopian – survival.


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