Since I read this series back to back it is only far that I review them as a series. The series are to be read in reading order – see below – and if you don’t want any spoilers only read the review for the first book.

  • Reading Order:
    • Book 1: Fallen Too Far
    • Book 2: Never Too Far
    • Book 3: Forever Too Far

4 stars!

The first book of the series – Fallen Too Far – starts with Blaire leaving her hometown, Alabama, and moving in with her estranged father. Kind of. Arriving at her father’s new home, she expects to find her estranged dad but instead she finds her step-brother, Rush. Blaire, from the start was likable. She’s from Alabama, she carries a gun and she’s NOT afraid to pull it out if she feels threatened! Loved that!

But like any New Adult – this book too falls under that category – around the male lead character, the female acts all stupid and the tough exterior evaporates around him.

Blaire meets Rush. Rush aka the step-brother.

He’s one of those geniuses that “gets it” and made millions out of the stock marker – or something I may have blocked that out and rolled my eyes. Rush is a douche. He fucks.

“Blaire, I’m not a romantic guy. I don’t kiss and cuddle. It’s all about the sex for me. You deserve someone who kisses and cuddles. Not me. I just fuck, baby. You aren’t meant for someone like me.” 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Heard that before.

Instead of sleeping in her truck, Rush kind of pities her and offers her the spare room under the stairs. Blaire – who acts like a normal nineteen year-old when she’s not around Rush and all his hotness – immediately searches for a job and she – of course – finds the “best” one at the country club.

Of course there is A LOT of drama going on – this is a series after all – and so it begins. Blaire and Rush have – together – one fucked up family. Blaire’s asshole of a father doesn’t show up until the very end but other family members are very active. Rush’s step-sister, Nan is one – the only one? – of them.

I have to say though that the sex between the two did nothing for me. On the first book that is. Throughout the book we get little clues about this family secret that the whole town knows about except Blaire. The Baire/Rush romance was pretty much on from the get go but there was no ista-love so that was a plus!

He fucked around the house and knew Blaire had more than once seen his naked ass doing it. Like I said, douche. She was determined to get a few paychecks and leave his house and yet when he told her not too, she didn’t. Eye-rolling. Despite the cliche lines and plot, this story grabbed me and I couldn’t put it down. I just had to find out what everyone was hiding and how it all – Rush/Blaire/her dad gone/Nan’s hate for Blaire – fit together.

And when the truth came out, yeah, I cried I won’t lie.

Despite Blaire’s rough upbringing, I often forgot that she was a nineteen year-old girl that was bound to have some crazy moments that I’ve seen from much older women from time to time. Bottom line is, if NA full of angst and drama is your thing, then read it.


4 stars!

The first book of the series ended with a cliffhanger and this one started with a shocking revelation. One that I did see coming but it was still a shock to read. After everything that went down with Blaire and Rush, she’s back in Alabama and trying to move on from the mind-blowing and life changing summer.

And it changes some more. But being back home doesn’t necessarily mean that all is well and life goes on. When after a few weeks circumstances make her go back to Rosemary Beach and being back there means, closer to Rush.

Blaire gets her old job back and quickly everything falls into place with about the same amount of drama as the first book. What I really liked about series were the secondary characters and their individual stories. Rush’s step-brother, Grant, having the most intriguing of all – I’m half way through with his book, love it so far! Starting book one, I didn’t think it would be that fascinating to read; there is always some misunderstanding, or more drama than necessary, overall, if you start it, it will be hard not to finish the series.


4 stars!

The third and last book of the series – the secondary characters have their own books – was actually my favorite, due to those people. Whether it was Rush’s step-brother, or his step-sister’s crazy father and adorable step-sister (yes, you can describe this series with a million of step-siblings and never be done with it), I found them to be fascinating and hilarious, they have have stolen the spotlight from Blaire and Rush too.

After Nan’s attempt and her need to connect with her estranged father, Rush takes it upon himself to smooth things over between the two, mostly so that one of them won’t end up killing the other. So, as he has learnt – mostly – from him mistakes, he takes Blaire with him and they both go on a “rescue” mission.

Reading the third book almost seemed like reading another series all together, amazing character growth and even though there still was an amount of drama, nothing too much!


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