It’s mid July already and I’m still struggling with my Mid-Year Best Books list and after going through all of them more times than I can count I’ve come to a conclusion as to why I still can’t present you my Top 10 Books of the year so far; because there’s not enough books.

According to Goodreads I’ve read a total of 60 books:

  • 54 new books read this year
  • 6 books I re-read
  • 6/54 of those were bought
  • 2/54 were free
  • the rest were ARCs

It’s no surprise that I re-read 6 books, I love re-reading and whenever I get the chance, I do it but what surprised me the most is the rating on those 54 new books and they go as following:

  • 11 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ books
  • 13 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ books
  • 10 ⭐⭐⭐ books
  • 16 ⭐⭐ books
  •   4 ⭐ books

16 books rated with 2 stars in just half a year is insane, last year I had 21 in total which is decent and in 2015, 20. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be more than 5 2-star books for the second half of the year which makes 2017 the year with my most 2-star books. And it makes me incredibly sad because I’m the kind of reader that wants to love every book I read, very hard to do but I still want to. And the more mediocre/bad books I read, the more discouraged I get to reading new books.

As you can see the majority are New Adult and Young Adult and about 12 of them are Fantasy/Paranormal/Historical/Dystopian. There’s two Crime/Horror and 1 poetry and 1 autobiography. For obvious reasons I haven’t posted all my 2-star reviews on the blog as 16 negative reviews are way too much and frankly I don’t have that many things to say but you can find them on goodreads.

I did read a few I actually loved so much:


and a couple that were huge disappointments:


6 books I re-read this year

After every bad book I read, I have to read a very good one to use as a palate cleanser so to speak. So here are my re-reads of the year. Books that no matter how much I re-read, I will love them more each time.


Bound by Duty // The Deal // #Junkie // The Butterfly Garden // Goodbye Paradise

Dear Martin // Dear Martin isn’t out yet but I’ve already re-read it and I think I’ll do it once more to help me write a review worthy of this epicness. Justyce is top of his class and set for the Ivy League but everything changes when he gets arrested. He’s eventually released. Later, his friend Manny gets shot and of course, in the media Justyce and his friend are being profiled as thugs and dangerous. In the midst of tragedy Justyce writes a journal to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr as his way of coping and making sense of everything around him. Truly a power debut not to be missed!

I’m hoping the rest of the year will be better and I’m actually really excited to read a few hyped books on my TBR, fingers crossed they deliver!

How many books have you read so far? Are the 3-4-5 stars more than the 2-1-DNFs? How many good books do you expect to read in a year?


  1. I think this has been kind of a less-than-stellar year for reading for a lot of people! I’m not sure why, though. I’ve definitely been disappointed with a lot of books. I’ve only had 1 true 5-star read this year so far. I have a lot of 3 star reads, so lots of good books but not great. Fingers crossed for the rest of the year!
    Angela recently posted…Waiting on/Can’t Wait Wednesday: Emerald CoastMy Profile

  2. Sorry to hear that you don’t feel like you are having a good reading year so far. That really stinks. I’ve read just over 100 books so far this year and my average rating is probably a 3 or 4 star….I’m not sure tho. I also read those Cambria Hebert books and really loved them. I just got Blur from that series too but I haven’t read it yet. Sorry to hear that you didn’t like Mask of Shadows. I have an ARC of that one but haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I saw a lot of really underwhelming reviews for By Your Side by Kasie West so I don’t think you are alone there. Hope the rest of the year goes better for you!
    Julie @ Happily Ever Chapter recently posted…Review: Heart of the Steal by Avon Gale & Roan ParrishMy Profile

  3. I totally feel you with this. It sucks that you’ve had so many 2-star books. But at least you’ve had 11 5-star books! Of the 80+ new books I’ve read this year, I think only three or so have gotten 4.5 or 5 stars from me :-/ It’s definitely discouraging when you can’t seem to find new books that match up to your old favorites.
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Bloggy Musings: My Blogging History (aka A List of My Failed Blogs)My Profile

  4. Yeah 2 star reads can be disappointing! You’ve read a lot of books though. Roar was one I was looking forward to but some reviews set me off of that one. Yay for the 5 star ones though! 🙂
    Greg recently posted…Ivory and BoneMy Profile

  5. Sorry to hear that you’re not having a great reading year. I am excited to see that Dear Martin is on the list of books you loved though. I’ve been wanting to read that one for months. I have an ARC of Mask of Shadows that I still need to get to so I’m curious to see what I think of it since you’re not the only one I’ve seen that’s disappointed by that one. Hope the second half of the year brings you some great reads !
    Suzanne @ The Bookish Libra recently posted…ARC Review: The Library of FatesMy Profile

  6. I feel like everyone is having an off reading year 🙁 I’ve spent most of my year catching up on older releases so I haven’t had the chance to be disappointed by many books coming out this year (but I was still disappointed by a few I read). My reading year has been pretty mediocre quality wise. Most of them I won’t remember too much into next year.

  7. I tend to have more 3-4-5 stars than 1-2 stars. And DNF’s are extremely rare. For the most part, I know what I like and tend to stick with that. Favorite genre(s), favorite authors, favorite tropes. No, not every one is a winner but it happens. *shrugs* Sometimes I branch out – new author, different genre, different kind of story – and sometimes it works, sometimes not. I always expect to like/love more than I dislike. My most recent stats are (the last time I checked for this year): 5 STARS – 6 books , 4 STARS – 24 books, 3 STARS – 12 books, 2 STARS – 1 book, 1 STAR – 0 books, DNF – none so far this year.

    It sucks that you’ve had such bad luck this year. When you have more 2 star reads than anything else… ugh. You are definitely due for some winners. Sure hope the second half of the year picks up for you.
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…Trust by Kylie Scott: Review + ExcerptMy Profile

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