Title: The Dragon’s Price (Transference #1)
Author: Bethany Wiggins
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Release Day: February 21st 2017
ARC was kindly provided from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

When two warring kingdoms unified against a deadly menace laying waste to both their lands, they had to make a choice: vow to marry their heirs to one another, or forfeit their lives to the dragon. Centuries later, everyone expects the sheltered princess Sorrowlynn to choose the barbarian prince over the fire-breathing beast—everyone, that is, except Sorrow, who is determined to control her own destiny or die trying.

As she is lowered into the dragon’s chamber, she assumes her life is over until Golmarr, the young prince she just spurned, follows her with the hopes of being her hero and slaying the dragon. But the dragon has a different plan. . . .

If the dragon wins, it will be freed from the spell that has bound it to the cave for centuries. If Sorrow or Golmarr vanquish the dragon, the victor will gain its treasure and escape the cave beneath the mountain. But what exactly is the dragon hiding?

There are no safe havens for Sorrow or Golmarr—not even with each other—and the stakes couldn’t be higher as they risk everything to protect their kingdom.

3 stars! 

This is one of those rare moments where I wanted to rate the book with 3.5 stars. And I don’t do half stars. I was between 3 and 4 stars but I went for 3 in the end.

The story starts with Sorrowlynn meeting her future husband as part of an ancient magical biding ceremony between her country and his. The details of that deal were not perfectly clear or served a purpose, I thought it was more like a punishment/blackmail thing than anything.

First of all the book needed someone to cut all the info dump. There are several scenes in which the characters just stand there reciting history and facts. Literally, looking at each other in the middle of nowhere with endless paragraphs about dragons and magic and my country did this and your did that and blah blah blah.. If there was a prologue with a brief history description, it would have been a clever way for the story to be presented and not have the characters pointlessly talking to each other like they’re doing their history homework. Anyway.

The wedding stuff itself reminded me of Game of Thrones to be honest. The princess that is forced to marry a barbarian who arrives on a horse and has to approve of her, dragons and magical realms. It had a lot of plot holes and it felt unevenly paced at times but the action part, the dragon killing and the transition process were legit thrilling and a great idea. It kept me reading till I finished it and that was a plus.

The romance part got better the second half, the heroine basically almost died because she can’t tell when someone is being sarcastic or is messing with her. I mean, really? I don’t want to spoil anything but the first half could have been avoided if the heroine and the hero had a simple conversation and I hate when that happens, JUST TALK TO EACH OTHER OMG HOW HARD CAN IT BE! And then there was a love triangle waiting to happen but thankfully didn’t develop into anything. Also, I like dragons and this one was not a good dragon, kinda disappointed.

The characters were interesting, despite her weak I don’t get sarcasm moments, Sorrowlynn is a strong character that has endured a lot of BS and she doesn’t care what people think, she’s unlike most heroines and I loved how unpredictable she was, really refreshing. Plus, there’s a moment with a dragon that made me cheer for the book because it goes to some new places for Young Adult, only to make a U-turn and go back to safe territory but still, kudos for trying. Golmarr is your typical YA hero, charming, sarcastic, gets all the ladies – but I liked the ending, that was cool.

What I hated was the overly used prophecy trope and the bad parenting. The King is abusive with his daughter and the Queen is neglectful, and yet no one is standing up for her? But there was a twist I loved in there that you don’t see a lot.

Overall I enjoyed it and it kept me hooked till the end, still, it needs a final read through to reach its full potential because everything is there and yet something gets lost along the way.


2 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Price by Bethany Wiggins”

  1. Sorry about the info dumps. I like having info about the world and whatnot, but it does sound like it was done in a bit of an awkward, unrealistic way. Plot holes definitely bother me, but hey, at least the book kept your reading, so it must’ve done something right! I also like when YA books take some risks and veer into new territory 🙂 You have me curious as to what this book did!
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