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3 stars!

Perfect summer read, even though I think I read this way before summer and I’ve been patiently waiting for the release date so I could share my review! This was so cute! Kinda made me want to dive back into YA again, and I have found lots of YA books after this one I really liked.

This story had a strong element of family and friends, was it insta-ish? Yes, you kind of except it to be insta-ish and that’s okay. Teens falling madly in love from the first moment I can understand that, adults? Not so much.

Stella’s sister, Cara, is sick. She’s a long time fan of The Heartbreakers and since she is sick and can’t wait in line for an autograph, her sister Stella plans to go and stand there, that’ll save her from buying birthday gifts for at least a few years. She’s not a fan, on the contrary she’s not a fan at all, she likes photography. She can be a little judgmental of their music, I have to mention that but she’ll soon learn to get over it. Even like it?

During a coffee run she meets a boy. During the signing she sees him again; Oliver Perry, lead singer of The Heartbreakers. Sure you’ll say, what are the chances? Well, they are people that need coffee too… Should she have recognized him since her sister is probably the biggest fangirl in Stella’s life? Yes. Does it matter? Probably. No.

Don’t want to spoil the story too much, it’s not your regular teen/boy band themed book, for one, the interaction between the band members and Stella (with her brother too) was so refreshing and at the end of the day they all are kids that just want to have fun, especially in a tight environment where bodyguards follow you around.

As for Stella and her sister Cara, so precious; Cara was so full of life, she was fun to read about and to see the whole family interact and support one another, such positiveness and love for life, truly precious!

There was a bit of over the top drama at the end that could have not been there or maybe be a little less drama and more fluffy like the rest of the story but overall, it was such a cute summer read ♥




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