Title: The Sea King (Weathermages of Mystral #2)
Author: C.L. Wilson
Genres: RomanceFantasy
Release Day: October 31st 2017
ARC was kindly provided from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

He wasn’t supposed to choose her…

Seafaring prince Dilys Merimydion has been invited to court the three magical princesses of Summerlea. To eradicate the pirates threatening Calberna and to secure the power of the Sea Throne, Dilys vows to return home with a fierce warrior-queen as his bride. But politics has nothing to do with unexpected temptation.

She didn’t dare wed him…

A weathermage like her sisters, Gabriella Coruscate’s gentleness exemplifies the qualities of her season name, Summer. Yet her quiet poise conceals dangerous powers she cannot begin to wield. Better to live without excitement, she reasons, than risk her heart and lose control— until an irresistible Sealord jolts her awake with a thunderclap of raw desire.

Until evil threatens everything they hold dear…

When pirates kidnap Summer and her sisters, Dilys is in a desperate quest to save the woman he loves. Only by combining his command of the seas with the unleashed fury of Summer’s formidable gifts can they defeat their brutal enemies and claim the most priceless victory of all: true love.

3 stars! 

Two years ago I read The Winter King and I fell in love. It was the perfect Fantasy book and ever since I’ve been checking social media for an update on The Sea King because it was delayed a few times and now finally it arrived on Edelweiss and I legit cried when I got approved because Wilson made me love her writing with just one book and I couldn’t wait for this one to come out. You can tell from the prologue that it didn’t live up to my expectations, can’t you?

The story starts with Dilys the Sealord who we met in the previous one and the single men in his land sailing to Summerlea to find eligible brides as per their agreement with Summerlea. While reading this Dilys resembled an Aquaman type of guy, with his ability to manipulate water or anything that had water – like blood for example. It was so fascinating watching him use his powers throughout the story.

When they arrive Dilys and his friends get to meet with Khamsin, Wynter and her three sisters. Out of all of them the most reluctant one to fall in love is Summer aka Gabriella which is of course what happens. Unlike The Winter King, The Sea King takes a lot of time to put the two main characters together which would have been a nice build up to the romance if it had gone smoothly.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Dilys is “courting” them one by one to give them a chance to get to know him, which was unnecessary.
  • The sisters refer to one another, and others to them, by their given names as well as their season names which means it took me a while to figure out which was which.
  • Gabriella aka Summer, is the most reluctant one to fall in love due to her immense power and it takes A LOT OF TIME FOR HER TO COME AROUND, I think it was around 80%? That’s A LOT.
  • I didn’t care about Gabriella at all by the end of the book. She kept pushing Dilys off, I even lost count how many times she said no to him but inside she wanted nothing more than to be with him but was afraid. And then around 80% she’s like ok fine dude yes. WTF girl.
  • Something happens at the end that I was positive wasn’t true but it took untill the very end to be revealed which pissed me off so much. Don’t do that.

Things I liked:

  • We get to meet each sister more and now I can’t wait for their books.
  • also pregnant
  • Dilys had the best book friends ever, they were goals and deserve a cookie or a hundred
  • I really liked the mating rituals and the tattoos and how they blended in the story, it was so beautiful
  • I really liked Gabriella’s powers but I felt like it was a bit too convenient that no one knew about it or suspected, not even her sister. I mean Khamsin was abused by her father for years and she couldn’t do a single thing about it? really now

If I rate this as a standalone then I could give it 4 stars but as a sequel to The Winter King, I’m going to have to rate it with 3 and that’s me being generous. I just needed that awesome factor the previous one had.

The Winter King by C.L. Wilson

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4 thoughts on “The Sea King by C.L. Wilson”

  1. I’m sorry you were disappointed in SEA KING, but I want to thank you for taking the time to review it. And thank you so much for your unswerving support of THE WINTER KING.

    Every time I write a book, the characters always surprise me. I don’t plan how they respond or the things they do – I can’t. They end up being their own people, who reveal themselves to me and to the other characters in the book as they see fit. I love both Summer and Dilys–I couldn’t write their story if I didn’t–and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to write her in such a way as to make you love her as much as I do.

    Re: summer and why she couldn’t aid Khamsin, feel free to PM me. I would be happy to discuss with you. Don’t want to do spoilers in a blog when the book’s not out yet 🙂

    Again, thanks so much for the review, and I’m sorry this chapter of the Weathermages of Mystral didn’t do it for you. All my best.

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