The Swan and the Jackal by J. A. Redmerski

5 mind-blowing stars!

I’ll be honest, at first this book seemed kind of not what I thought it would be. Fredrik’s story was supposed to be to sadistic and dark and bloody. Like the awesome cover, by the way, loo at that!

But it wasn’t.

For some reason – that I didn’t find out till the very end – Fredrik was more lenient than usual and more of a softie than normal. I can’t properly review it without giving away a huge spoiler.

This book definitely lived up to my expectations and more! Like the previous two books In The Company of Killers series, J. A. Redmerski outdid herself and I fell in love with the series ever more.

This was my reaction at the end.

Fredrik and Seraphina’s story is just like I imagined it would be. Well, actually I could never imagine this level of twisted and dark relationship. And then there is Cassia.

She is mine and she’ll be mine until the day she dies.

The innocent woman that Fredrik is trying to protect from Seraphina and at the same use her to find his ex-wife.

As dark and sadistic as Seraphina is, all that innocent and scarred Cassia is.

Fredrik’s love for Seraphina is out of this world. Their love is flawed and bruised and sadistic but they own it. They never once try to make it into something glorious and beautiful. They know it, and they own it.

 “Seraphina is the epitome of darkness. And I need her back. She and I have unfinished business.”

Seraphina was just like I had imagined her. Sadistic, cold hearted, not the one to hesitate when it comes to killing innocents.

And yet, this story managed to surprise me more than I thought possible in so many different ways.

Cassia on the other hand remained a mystery. She is imprisoned in Fredrik’s basement for the past year, trying to remember details of her life and hopefully help Fredrik find his ex-wife.

Seraphina hurt her the most, and she is still scared for her life and the mysterious woman that is trying to kill her.

And Fredrik, even though at first it seemed odd and out of character for him, loves her.

The pain of being near her and knowing that I can’t give in to my feelings for her, is the worst kind of pain

I’ve ever felt.

Just when the story comes to an end and you think that you have figured it out and the only thing missing is Seraphina’s fall, the author twists the story around and you’re left wondering, did I really just read that? OMG!

I know I did.

Hands down a must read if you loved the first two books.




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