3 sweet stars!

I really, really, really liked this book! It was unique in a way – in this case, she is the teacher and he is the star athlete – and it was written in a way that hooked me in.

Before I begin, I loved how this book had a different quote with each chapter, I have never read a book with so many quotes and I liked it more than I thought I would so that’s a plus. Apart from that and the twist in the teacher/student relationship, this book didn’t have anything “forbidden”.

Aspen and Noel hated one another from the get go, she was forced to grade him better seeing as he brought all the attention and he didn’t like her or her classes. It progressed fairly quick and it felt right; the romance between the two kind of just happened, it wasn’t forced and it wasn’t forbidden by any means, after the initial shock, the two of them didn’t really try to hide it, yes they were careful but more than two people knowing a secret, it no longer is one.


I haven’t read the first book of the series, it isn’t needed in order to read this but there was a chapter that involved previous character and A LOT of drama and pregnancies, that kind of left me confused and it broke my focus from the story to be honest.

Overall, it was a sweet read with good characters and some very emotional scenes that kept me awake to finish the book, just to find out how can these two people go against everyone and be together despite their differences.




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