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4 stars!

Tracker & Lana sitting in a tree  K-I-S-S-I-N-G ♥

LOVED IT! Loved it so much, Tracker and Lana were badass and explosive together! Made me want to re-read book 1, I just love this club! Dragon’s Lair is by far my favorite (Heyyy Dex, how you doin’?) but Arrow & Tracker come close second.

“Because you’re the best thing that’s happened to me and I’m man enough to admit that.”

I’ve been waiting for Tracker’s book since the first one! He had lots of ladies, but Lana, she’s the best of them and a keeper!

“There was no more fighting it, pretending I don’t want her. Trying to ignore her. Giving her the impression we don’t have a chance in hell. All the games are coming to an end.
I’m going to soak all that sweetness up.
Consume her.
And no one is going to stand in my way — not even her.
She’s my end.”

Tracker and Lana became sort of a thing waiting to happen in the previous book; Lana being Anna’s friend was introduced to Tracker that was involved with… a girl from the club. What I loved, absolutely loved about this book is that unlike the other two the Tracker/Lana story developed beautifully through the story it didn’t just happen so fill Tracker’s book, it most certainly is not insta love and it was just so amazing!


Swoon worthy!

“You’ve clouded my mind, Lana. I don’t see anyone else. You have no reason to be jealous.”

“I need you to need me as much as I want you.”

The story has it’s ups and downs surely but Tracker had an amazing character build up to this point because he had the luxury of expanding his story through the series. Lana had a few questionable moments (Tracker had a major one but still…) like her work which was a surprise and kind of made go huh? but she owned it somewhat. A little bit of drama that Tracker’s awesomeness overshadowed thankfully ♥




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