Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Every week they post a new top ten list and everyone is welcome to join.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday goes back a few years to all the pre blogging books on my TBR I haven’t read yet and it’s sad. I don’t think I’ll even get around to read all my TBR books…


All the series! It’s no secret that I’m a series lover and from the very start I’ve been binge reading book series but there are a few that I have yet to read even though they’ve been on my TBR for ages!

These books have been on my TBR for so long I really have no idea when I’m going to get to them. The Bane Chronicles are simply waaaay too expensive to get for a few pages even though I love Magnus Bane to death and I have no excuse for The Infernal Devices and The Raven Boys, I need to read that series yesterday!


Any books on your TBR you haven’t read yet that you added pre blogging or books you wanted to read before you joined GoodReads?



  1. I read several from your list – a few I liked, a few not so much. The Raven Boys – it’s hugely popular but just wasn’t for me. Throne of Glass – again, I felt like I was missing whatever everyone else was raving about. Every Day was okay. The Infernal Devices – loved the trilogy. So much. And the final book has the Best Epilogue Ever. 🙂 The Delirium series… I own the trilogy but I’ve kind of changed my mind at this point. Not only have a read a whole lot of mixed reviews but I think I’ve just lost interest over the years. Which is too bad because the first book is even personalized to me from when I met Lauren Oliver a couple years ago!

    1. Really? That’s so cool! I’m dying to read The Infernal Devices because I love the Mortal Instruments series (and the movie and the TV series!) so I will read it as some point but as for the rest I don’t have time. I want to read at least one SJM this year!

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