Despite the long list of my favorite male characters, the female ones are far less, but still, they are badass and fierce, so utterly unigue in their own way and I’m glad I have so many characters from different genres, especially Fantasy!

Lada // And I Darken

It’s no surprise that Lada is on top of this list, I read And I Darken almost a year ago and still, she is the highlight of the year. Fierce, badass and all around a kickass character, Lada is not to be missed.

Khamsin // The Winter King

Khamsin had an amazing character development, she goes from being a prisoner in her own house under her father’s wrath, to being a powerful independent queen and that’s pretty badass. Plus, she’s very strong and I felt like I wanted to bubble wrap her but at the same time she kept proving that she doesn’t need protection, she was an utter delight to read!

Grace // City of Strangers

Oh Grace, Grace, Grace… I just loved this book and I loved Grace. Not a lot of people would go on a journey just to find who the dead stranger on their house is, or maybe they would but Grace is the sort of character that deserves to be on the big screen and shock everyone with her ability to never give up and deliver a brilliant thriller while hunting down killers.

Willow // Gambit

Willow is definitely a character that if she was on a comic book, kids would want to be her and have her unigue abilities.

Rimmel // Nerd

Nerd is the new cool! Rimmel makes nerds cool and she gets bonus for that alone but also, I love how down to earth she is without putting herself down like most heroines, she’s herself and she won’t apologise for it!

Maya // The Butterfly Garden

As a narrator Maya made me question a lot but deep down the story is written in a way that shows how Maya is the glue that holds all the girls together in the garden and how she can be what every girl needs, she can be tough and she can be sweet and kind without losing herself and without making the story seem unrealistic despite the rough storyline.

“The only thing that made me truly different was that I was the only one who never cried.”

Mary // The Beast

My sweet, sweet Mary! I was waiting for this book and it delivered. Mary is by far the kindest character in the BDB series and this one just gave her, finally, he ending she deserved after taking so much away from her. But also, Mary is the one who is helping everyone else; the brothers go to her for counseling, and she is looking after all the women in the shelter, I just love her ability to love endlessly.

Lark // The Bird and the Sword

Poetic Lark in this brilliant novel couldn’t not be in this list. Without giving too much away, Lark is such a beautifully written character that captivates the reader’s attention and she’s pretty badass.

Liv // Always

Liv… this book killed me. Liv has gone through so much in this series and this last one was not needed in my opinion but it still is a book in the SoB series and once again, Liv and Dean go through hell and they win their final battle. So much love for these characters, Liv has proved she’s a badass and she will not be defeted, no matter what.

All my ladies! I just love these badass characters, they are unigue and fierce and in their own genres they each bring something new, they made me love them and root for them from the first page!


  1. Kei, I haven’t met any of your favorite female characters yet! I don’t know why that is, but it’s true. Now, I guess I need to make sure I have these books on my TBR shelf so I know I’ll get to meet them in the future 🙂
    I hope 2017 has started out well for you!

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