All the stuff that would have helped me very much but I didn’t know, sharing my bad experiences with you, hoping you learn from them like I did and hopefully they’ll save you some time in the future!

1) (Book) Blogging is not just book reviews

Book reviews are probably not even the top 5 most popular blog features. Discussions, weekly memes and other bookish posts are what (from what I’ve seen) attracts most readers, so branch out and be yourself.

2) Just because you like it doesn’t mean others will as well

This is basically what I’d say to my amateur blogging self. I had the most hard to post and read theme ever known to a blogger. A sidebar full of widgets that were pretty useless and didn’t provide any solid information at all. I had the hardest  time changing themes and my header was a disaster; I learned from my mistakes but oh boy those first few months were such an epic fail.

3) Don’t sign up for every promo post

AKA don’t spam people with release blitzes, promo posts and whatnot. I used to sign up for pretty much every little thing and even though back then I thought I was bringing more traffic to my blog, I was probably doing the opposite. Plus I hated copy pasting the standard HTML post so it took forever to write a blog post from scratch with all the materials. Really, what was I thinking?

4) Change is good, TRY IT!

Whether it comes to your blog theme or your contents or your header – don’t hesitate to try. No your blog header, cover etc, is not your brand name. YOU bring people to your blog and the visual just helps connecting your blog to other blogs and identifying the name behind the content. Don’t be afraid to change in case your readers won’t recognize you.

Also, when it comes to themes, you can never be certain that you have found the one and that’s it. Some themes are so customizable and they offer so many options it’s a waste not to try them. Tip: Create a baby blog, a private blog that will serve as a test for your new theme and all the changes you might want to make, this way you won’t have to try anything on your main blog and mess it up or have an active blog that displays your on going process.


To be honest I don’t even remember how I posted anything since all my files had names like “gkafger” or “fffffff” or “ioyhonewkj” and I’m sure I’m not the only blogger how was too tired, lazy or just not in the mood to properly name a file (most likely an image) and then upload it. But in the future, those file names are so damn important, it’s crazy. When I moved my blog – and a lot sooner – I knew I had to spend a good few hours, downloading and re-naming and re-uploading images.

Save yourselves the trouble, NAME YOUR FILES PROPERLY. You’ll thank me later (guaranteed!)

That’s it! I could probably write 500 more but that’d be boring, so I kept it short.

What would you tell your amateur self to stop doing as a blogger? And, are you naming your files properly?



  1. I’d tell myself to comment back to people more because I have the terrible habit of forgetting to do so, and to just stay more organised in general. Great post, I especially love your tip about not being afraid to change because I think our blog went through like 3 or 4 before we decided on what we have now.
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