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Hello lovely people and welcome to my blog  I’m Kei, a happy book addict, binge watcher & blogger. This blog is like my very own online book diary, I just have to write about the books I read and a lot of times about shows and movies I watch, and fangirl with people that loved them just as much I did or took a chance with a book I loved, so please feel free to write back!

I obsess over fictional characters, I devour books like there’s no tomorrow and fangirl to my heart’s content. Between reading, I manage to squeeze real life stuff too. No I don’t, I just say that to make myself feel better, I breathe books. I read heartwarming and mind-blowing stories with swoon-worthy book boyfriends and kickass heroines. Hopelessly romantic to heart-wrecking stories. Funny and witty to I-want-to-hide-my-book-in-the-freezer-Joey-style stories that may keep me up for nights; well written with a good plot and complex characters (or just the kind that will piss me off the less). I secretly love books that don’t get a HEA and I love reading books with major twists!

A   B   O   U   T       T   H   E       B   L   O   G

I’ve been blogging since 2012, a few years ago I decided to finally take the leap and get my own domain and it was the best. I post book reviews, discussions, weekly features and movie/TV shows reviews as well. This blog features reviews from books that were given to me by the author/publisher but that in no way affects my opinion and review. I like to give constructive feedback and I always keep my reviews polite. If a review is not posted here – due to rating probably or release dates then check my Goodreads profile! I also try to be on social media and fail at it most of the time but you can always follow me on twitter and instagram as well.

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You can contact me at: lovelypagesreviews@gmail.com

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