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4 cute stars!

I was lucky enough to get an ARC from netgalley and this book turned out to be amazing! It was the sweetest and not in a cheesy way; mostly because of the age, don’t expect hard core rock star, this is a Young Adult novel. Aimee had a crush on Miles. Until Miles broke her heart. Now that she’s going to spend a few weeks on tour with him, things are bound to get interesting. The story is pretty much easy to figure out what I liked about it though was the unique approach of the character’s background. Aimee is a normal teenager and that reflected so much into the story, she’s on every social media and she’s a fangirl, a fangirl that goes on tour with her favorite band and the now heartthrob that broke her heart. It was fascinating.

“Write it for me.”

He automatically laid an arm over his notebook.“What?”

“If you need motivation. Think of it like an AP Music Theory assignment. Promise me, Miles Anthony Carlisle, before my three weeks are up, you’ll write me a song on the piano.”

Miles had a couple of very public break ups but Aimee, well, you get it, she’s known him since he wasn’t famous, they had something, no matter how small and having her in his world for a few weeks is turning things around for him.

“I don’t know if I’d call it a crush,” he finally said. “It’s more like, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you for the past five days. When I’m in a band meeting…” He kissed her eyebrow. “When I’m onstage.” He kissed the bridge of her nose. “When I’m trying to bloody fall asleep at night, that’s the worst. And the best.”

Get ready for lots of teen romance, backstage music and a lot of teen speech, LOL and all. I found it very unique and cute and not at all tiring, in fact refreshing in a way that totally suited the age. Young Adult all the way ♥




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