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4 dirty talking stars!

The right book at the right time! So, I wanted to read something funny and sexy but different and deep at the same time. Tough combination to find, isn’t it? And yet Shay Savage delivered all of that with Alarm!

Chloe, the girl that has a schedule she follows without straying is that kind of MC that really needs to let loose a little – I could say she’s boring but maybe she’s just playing it safe – and live. She has a boring job – or maybe just an asshole boss – and she likes talking to her action figures, I just loved it it was so freaking cute!

One night – no it’s not what you think, actually a lot of things were not like in most books and thank you SS for that, about time! – she goes out for a couple of drinks with her friends and literally runs into Aiden, he’s the hot tattooed from head to toe muscular guy that even if all the alarms are going off in your head you still find yourself attracted to him, and how can you not, I mean what’s not to like.

After passing out on him, like the perfect gentleman he is, he takes her home and cuddles. Swoon. 

Chloe being the playing-it-safe girl, almost leaves a Chloe shaped hole on his door the next day but not before Aiden asks her to join him on his trip in Miami.

I know what you’re thinking, okay, I see where this is going but no. What really surprised me about this is that even though it lead to a whirlwind romance with insta-love and all the cliches it’s not. This book is fun, Chloe and Aiden really spend their days in adventure and doing extreme sports that otherwise Chloe would never even dream of doing. Aiden is a fun guy to hang around with and even with his troubled past that makes him all mysterious and with a dangerous edge, he’s really just a sweetheart that wants her to live a little. Live in the moment cause in the end you just never know. Hell, the guy almost conceived me to go with him!

Sure, one thing leads to another but reading it in the middle of all the daredevil-ish escapades their almost instant love is not a cliche. On the contrary it comes alive and it’s freaking hot it can burn the pages. It helps that Aiden really is a dirty talker.

Shay Savage successfully strays from her awesome male POV books she’s been delivering and Alarm is truly a fun, sexy but also surprisingly layered story!




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