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This week’s TTT is all about the villains, which is super awkward since I posted about villains and respect in books a few days ago so now I’m going with my ultimate villain list, they deserve some love these guys, that’s all.


You know them, you love them – don’t even try to deny it or we can’t be virtual friends – and here they are!

villains I love

James Buchanan Barnes // Captain America

My baby Bucky is number one. Whether you’re a comic fan or a movie fan, this guy is a special snowflake in need of protection at all costs. And in need of Captain America aka his boyfriend. And in need of plums.

Kyon Ensin // Kricket series

Book villain ✔
Male lead ✔
Get’s the girl ✔
Unapologetically badass ✔

Dimitri Belikov // The Vampire Academy

Good guy turns evil and then he’s good again. I ♥ Dimitri so much, he’s a sweetheart when needed and badass when the situation calls for it.

Lada Dracul // And I Darken

Lada demanded a place in the list so here she is. Dracula, I mean Lada, has her sweet moments but she’s badass through and through, with killer instincts and she’s not afraid to take a few heads.

Niklaus Mikaelson // The Vampire Diaries

Nic, the original vampire. Book fan or TV fan, Klaus is the only guy that will snap someone’s neck and make not hate him, he’s on the dark side but- wait, why am I even making excuses here? Klaus FTW

villains I hate but not really

Sebastian Morgenstern // The Mortal Instruments

If you’ve read the series you know all about Sebastian.
He’s an asshole.
I don’t hate him.
I have issues.

Draco Malfoy // Harry Potter

I think Draco was my first book boyfriend before I even knew what that meant. I adore that little blondie so much.

villains that don’t need introduction

iconic for a reason

This lovely post has to end or I’ll keep going forever…


16 thoughts on “ALL ABOUT THE VILLAIN”

  1. Hi, I’m just checking out some TTT posts for this week, and also read your post from a few days ago. I so agree that decent villains deserve respect. The best ones are more multi-layered and complex, with areas of grey, than lots of readers give them credit for. I think we were on the same wavelength, especially with some of those Harry Potter guys.

  2. I really have to read VA!! That’s one of the older series that I still have to read. I have a list of about 4 that I OWN that I need to get to still. I love that you included Bucky , the tortured bad guy. *sigh* Great list!

  3. I admit there are several here that I don’t know. My oh so sheltered life, y’know. LOL I know almost *nothing* about Captain America (or any comic book/superhero movie). But I do know that my husband has always loved Bucky. So there’s that.
    Sebastian… I don’t know. I had a little empathy for him there at the end but I never really came around to caring for him (or forgiving him).
    Draco. I know a lot of people adore Draco (and even ship him with Hermione… wth?). I truly felt for him toward the end. He found himself in such an impossible situation. But, kind of like with Sebastian, I can’t say I ever really got on board with him.
    Cersei. OMG, she is so badass. I never can decide if I love her, hate her, respect her, or what.
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