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3 stars!

Another book, another author, another S2J boy! I have to note something, the Seconds 2 Juliet boys are all slightly more interesting than their love interests, from Miles to Ryder to Trevin and now Will/Matt. Matt made up for every element Anya lacked. She was just not believable at all but Matt was pretty awesome.

Anya is a homeless. Not just that but she is pretty much living under the radar and when – somehow – she lands a reporting gig to interview the “Shy” one and she goes on tour to be Will’s shadow and write a piece about him. Anya though was not really believable in the fact that she somehow got this part and all of a sudden even though she knows nothing about the technology she’s handling, she managed to write her first blog post about the band even though she doesn’t know her phone has a camera which is for pictures she can snap and use as an original material on the blog.

I’m all for little imperfections but at least make it believable, a homeless girl going from showering on public bathroom to writing blog posts on fancy laptops is not okay. That pretty much killed my interest for her character.

And then there’s Matt pretending to be Will, who’s in rehab and now with Anya on tour he’s doubling the effort to not be exposed but that’s kind of hard to do when your twin brother doesn’t fill you in on everything that might pop up, like a girlfriend. I liked Matt and I love these boys, if Anya was a bit more believable this would have been an amazing book, still a good addiction to the series!




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