4 fairytale stars!

This is the third book of the Forbidden Men series but it can be read as a standalone and in fact I haven’t read the first book of the series (I didn’t know it was part of a series when I read the second one To Professor, with Love) but every book can be read as a standalone.

Such a beautiful story! I just loved it.

“A little slice of heaven is better than none at all.”

Patrick or Pick for short has a weird experience when he defends his foster care friend who tried to kill herself because a fortune teller told her she would die alone and miserable. Going up against Madam LeFrey, only a teenager at the time, instead of demanding an apology he finds himself in an odd situations. Realizing that he cares for his friend more that she cares about herself, Madam LeFrey give him a glimpse of his future in order to restore his hope for his future.

Tinker Bell. Skylar. Julian. Chloe. His future wife and his future children’s name and faces were all he had from that small glimpse but those were enough to give him hope. And start looking for that mysterious woman who was meant to be his wife. Life though is full of surprises and he soon found himself not exactly as he had hoped. Until he sees a woman wearing a T-shirt with Tinker Bell. His future wife.

Pick and Eva were introduced on the second book of the series, so we knew a little bit about them and of course, Pick was a character I was really looking forward to read his book and he didn’t disappoint. That guy is swoon-worthy! Of course there was a touch of too-much-drama towards the end in an attempt to tie loose ends but I overlooked it since the story is that good!

Pick is a real charmer and he is so funny and straigh forward, he really does not hesitate to be forward with Eva, of course she thinks he’s just cocky and full of himself but he goes all out and even dances with her at one point to what will be their wedding song. Knowing what will happen is pretty much the one thing that makes him confident and he has been looking for this woman for a long time while dealing with whatever life threw his way but he is a genuine guy, willing to put himself on the line for someone else, even if that person is not worthy it. Their love story is romantic and even though they don’t waste anytime it was fun reading about them and smiling like a fool. I did that a lot. A lot.


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