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Okay, I admit it, I see book covers on my Goodreads shelves and I have zero memory of ever reading them. Which is not acceptable because some of these books I’ve loved. Or at least that’s what my review says.

There’s two version of this: the standalone version in which I basically remember some stuff in the book but not all of it and certainly not specific moments that made the book awesome.

And then there’s the series version. Now I love series. I love binge reading series and generally being inside these worlds for more than a book. BUT. But. My issue is that I don’t remember where each book ends and the other begins? Like, for example, I remember what happened in the story, in vivid details but if you ask me to name the book where it happens? Hell if I know. Somewhere in there, I guess. That can be said for huge book series like The Mortal Instruments, and even a few events in the Harry Potter series (GASP, I KNOW!) or the Vampire Academy one. Oddly, I don’t have the same issues with the Black Dagger Brotherhood, which is more than 15 books, it helps that each book is centered around a brother at a time.

So here’s a few examples of books I can’t remember. And also, I’m not ashamed of it? *shrugs*


FANGIRL // Rating: 4 stars. Read: 2013.
I remember there being two sisters? They wrote Harry Potter fanfiction but not really HP because that belongs to JKR so it was kinda named different and it was slash? And Cathy, got a boyfriend and something cute? Or not?

BAD ROMEO // Rating: 3 stars. Read: 2014.
They are actors, doing a play but also used to date so now it’s awkward?

CRUEL BEAUTY // Rating: 2 stars. Read: 2014.
Beauty and the Beast retelling. That’s all I got, honestly.

TEARS OF TESS // Rating: 3 stars. Read: 2013.
I remember thinking this was one huge mess with toxic relationships.

FADING // Rating: 4 stars. Read: 2013.
Childish heroine but dark themes and some seriously messed up plot but I liked the main lead?


RUIN // Rating: 5 stars. Read: 2013.
College? He’s sort of dying? He has a bucket list or something. They fell in love? But he didn’t die?

ANIMATE ME // Rating: 4 stars. Read: 2013.
They work together. It’s cute?

FOREVER & ALWAYS // Rating: 5 stars. Read: 2014.
I hated the last book of this series. One doormat sister and one asshole sister. I really fucking hated the last book.

IN THE COMPANY OF KILLERS // Rating: 5 stars. Read: 2013.
Lots of blood and murder. I mean, A LOT. I remember The Swan & The Jackal more than the rest of the books though, probably because of Fredrik

FIGHTING REDEMPTION // Rating: 5 stars. Read: 2013.
I’m so pissed off that I don’t remember much of this. I know the hero went off to war and there’s a time jump of something, but I seriously need to re-read this because I can only remember that I loved it and it makes me sad. Need to re-read ASAP!

Have you ever thought about changing a rating for a book? Because all of these have ratings and reviews and the fact that I don’t remember them now doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy them back in the days. Do you even have books you can’t remember reading?

32 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday | That Awkward Moment When… You Can’t Remember The Books You’ve Read”

  1. I forget a lot too, but if you remember loving it and rating it 5 stars, then it’s not such a bad thing because you can pretty much re-live your reading experience 🙂 And it’s definitely possible that your rating will have changed because tastes change. But hopefully those 5 star ratings stay 5 star ratings and you’ll have gotten to re-live the experience a second time 🙂
    Lindsey @ Lindsey Reads recently posted…Series I Want To Continue But Need To Re-Read First Because I Have Goldfish Brain {Top Ten Tuesday}My Profile

  2. First, I have to say that I love your logo! I love how it transitions into a side Deathly Hallows symbol! So fantastic! Second, I know what you mean about forgetting the little details in the longer series. I’m a huge Harry Potter and Mortal Instruments fan and I can’t remember all the details. I just remember that I adore them, lol.
    Jenni Elyse recently posted…Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

  3. I actually have a discussion about changing reviews. And yes, I have changed reviews before – sometimes I increase the rating and sometimes I downgrade the book. I think it’s because I’m a mood reader and my feelings towards the book depend on my current feelings.

    I read Cruel Beauty a number of years ago and I remember that it was weird.
    Zeee @ I Heart Romance & YA recently posted…9 Books I Really Liked but Can’t Remember Anything AboutMy Profile

  4. I rarely change the rating on Goodreads, if its a book I have read multiple of times, and my thoughts on the book change, than I will mention in the review section if my rating has changed. Because sometimes we read a book years ago and love it and then read it now and don’t care for it as much. So our reading tastes can change over time.

    Sometimes I look at the books I read years ago and I can’t remember why I liked it so much, only that it has a high rating, but thankfully most of the books I have read I remember why I love them so much.
    Lover Of Romance recently posted…Book Review-A Princess In Theory by Alyssa ColeMy Profile

  5. There are quite a few books that I don’t really remember reading though I try not to change my rating, since it reflects how I felt about the book at the time. There are a few over time that I lowered as I thought about the books more and the things I really didn’t like stand out to me more. And hey, if you don’t remember a book but know you loved it before, it’ll make re-reads that much more fun I think, you get the chance to re-experience some of the joy you felt reading it the first time. Anyway great post!
    Jamie @ The Last Page recently posted…The GiverMy Profile

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