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This week’s topic is something I’ve overly familiar with; 90% of my books I’ve read in a day so this week I’m including the series I’ve binge read within 24 hours of starting, since I get most of my reading done at night – I don’t know how I function without sleep. The following are normal sized books, below 400 pages and some even 300. Books like the BDB series with 800 pages even I can’t read more than one in a day and I’ve tried, trust me.

Those series that have more than 3 books I’ve read in two days but the rest are all within 24 hours which I’m oddly proud of.

#Nerd // I love this series and when I discovered the books I was lucky since the series was mostly complete so I read the first 3 books in a day and absolutely loved it.

Under Different Stars // I found this trilogy on NetGalley and requested all three of them at the same time and got approved for them immediately, totally binge worthy.

The Selection // Same thing happened with the selection and even though the story has some over the top elements, it also has a binge worthy factor.

The Mortal Instruments // Back in my non blogging days, TMI was the first series I binged more than 1 book in a day, I don’t remember how much I read but I did nothing productive the whole day so I’ll bet a lot.

Fallen Too Far // Not a huge series when you count the pages, barely under 200 pages the first book so of course it’s on my binge list but it does have a lot of books if you include the spin off, I read the first three books back to back because the soap opera drama was too addictive to stop.

Arouse // I still remember reading this series, I started early in the morning because I couldn’t sleep and next think I know I was barely putting the book down to eat, I just love this series.

That was fast! Have you read more than one book in a day?

11 thoughts on “BOOKS I READ IN A DAY”

  1. Oh you named some of my favorites!!!!
    #Nerd I read when it released and then had to WAIT for each of the next books. So painful! Same with the Under Different Stars series, which I LOVED!!! Oh and the mortal instruments!!! I think when I started that series, books 1-4 were out and I devoured them.
    I haven’t read Arouse or the Selection series though! Great list!
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