Why would I want to read a book for the first time, what is it about that first time that makes it so special? The little pauses and breaks you have to take in between reading and tell yourself, this is it, this is THE book and I can’t deal with the feels, I’m reading THE book!

If you’ve been following me then you know I’m a huge fan of re-reads; I love re-reading my favorite books and each time they have something new to offer, like a movie that you watch over and over again and each time you notice something different. Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgic since I don’t have enough time to re-read some of my favorite books – except The Deal, I re-read that every chance I get #DontJudgeMe – and if it was possible to read a book again for the first time, these books would be it

TheDeal thewhinterking Arsen makingfaces tabitha suzuma forbidden

THE DEAL // I’ve talked so much about The Deal that at least a handful of people must be so bored with me now but honestly, I’m so in love with the story and the way the author takes an over used trope and turns it into such an effortless love story with natural sense of humor that I will never stop recommending this. I still remember when I first read it and how I would pause in between scenes to let the story sink in and the awesomeness that is Elle Kennedy’s writing.

THE WINTER KING // Don’t let the cover fool you! The Winter King could be the next big hit if the cover attracted more readers which judging from the reviews, it doesn’t. But still, this story deserves all the stars for the amazing writing and the incredible world build!

ARSEN // The characters made me want to rip the book in half and Ben is probably the best book husband in the world. Arsen is proof that I can hate the characters of a book but love the book. Confused? Read this book.

MAKING FACES // Making Faces is the story of a small town where five young men go off to war, and only one comes back. Making Faces is not an easy book to re-read, in fact, it killed me. Amy Harmon is an insta-buy author for me. She has a gift and as a reader I’m so grateful she’s sharing it with us. This book should be in every shelf, should be read by everyone, this book is a gift.

FORBIDDEN // Just read this. Read this book and cry your heart out. It is worth it. It took me a while to finish it, probably because of the writing – I LOVED THE WRITING SO MUCH – I actually read some sentences twice because they were just so beautiful and poetic!

TheLawOfMoses A Long Way Down perfume TheBronzeHorseman darklover

THE LAW OF MOSES // Probably the only author I’ve read that can blend genres so beautifully, Amy Harmon’s books are not books, they are experiences. I just want to re-read this and feel those feels, the original ones that made me stay up until there were no more words to read and my pillow was a mess.

A LONG WAY DOWN // Four entirely different people accidentally meet on a roof of a high building called Toppers’ House in London on New Year’s Eve just before they jump off. I saw the movie first and it made me want to read the book – that’s a winner for me. This book is effortlessly deep; it combines a difficult situation with humor from ordinary people that deal with ordinary problems or not dealing at all and while reading it, it makes you question pretty much everything, life, friendships, death.

PERFUME // You’ve probably seen the movie but this is a classic case of the movie being the tip of the iceberg. I found the Perfume back in high school and to this day I can still quote it even though I haven’t re-read it in years, but the pieces of this killer’s story stayed with me.

THE BRONZE HORSEMAN // Just as Hitler’s army attacks Russia, a love story blossoms in Leningrad. Their love is doomed from the very first sight but yet somehow as everybody around them die, they remain alive, fighting for the right to love and survive within a battlefield. If you still haven’t read The Bronze Horseman, then, really what have you been doing with your life? Masterpiece!

DARK LOVER // Saved the best for last! Now, whenever I mention one book of the BDB series, I really mean all of them. That feeling that you didn’t know you needed something until you had it? This is it for me!

Have you read any of the above because then we can’t be friendsIs there anyone else that has this bizarre feeling or am I totally losing it here? I know you’re out there! #ForeverAlone


  1. I haven’t read ANY of the books on this list D: I also never reread books BUT I totally get the feeling of wishing you could read a book again for the first time. There are several books that I wish I could do that for. The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogy being up there on that list (although, I’m planning on rereading those ones haha)

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

  2. So timely that I’m seeing this post today because *just this morning* I was thinking about The Bronze Horseman (*sigh*) and wishing I could read it again for the first time. Experience those same first-time feelings and emotions again. Forbidden has been on my shelf for a while. And you might have seen a recent post of mine where I listed the books I WILL read by the end of the year and Making Faces and The Deal were both mentioned.

    1. Really?! How cool!
      Forbidden killed me – it was so good but it killed me! What do I have to do to make you read The Deal, Tanya? Just say it and I’ll do it! YOU NEED GARRETT AND HANNAH IN YOUR LIFE! Making Faces, that was a tearjerker but it hurt so good!

  3. I feel like a part of me would love to be able to read books for the first time again because nothing is quite like that first read, but another part of me wouldn’t want to. Like, I already had that experience, and I don’t want to replace it. I’d rather just appreciate the re-reads for the new things they bring. And I still need to read Perfume!

    1. So true, every re-read is another amazing experience, some books though made me feel so lucky to be reading them that first time, that I often compare that feeling to new books.

      The Perfume was so amazing, the descriptions alone were brilliant but also as a crime book, it set the bar so high for me!

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