ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

4 firecracker stars!

What was that?! Oh my stars how do I even begin to review this without spoiling; first of all I was again lucky to have an ARC given by the author like the first couple of books  in the series and thank you Cynthia for that! Damned is sooo different from the other two, it deals with really graphic situations and it’s not an easy book to read but still worth it. Daisy (from Hot as Hades) was on a mission to find her sister, Rose and now that she finally did, they’re all together living under the MC’s protection.

Rose went through hell while she was being held and now that she’s out, she needs to fight her demons and find a way to get her life back on track. Enter Duke. While this book is not about Duke helping her but about her helping herself, Duke’s past enables her to see herself in a different light and to have someone to talk to that will understand her.


Duke is older. The she could be your daughter older kind but like Duke says she’s not! Personally age difference doesn’t make a difference to me, and especially in this case, it’s not really an issue that would bother anyone; Duke is teaching Rose self defense and how to learn to accept that she should not let the past affect her life more than it already has; it’s beautiful, the way he comes to care about her and she about him, almost effortless and endearing to read.

Oblivion is a comfort, but it’s an illusion, it ain’t the way out.

Of course the old couples are mentioned as well and I loved it cause they all are cute in their own way and I do hope there’s another glimpse at them with the next book, hopefully more LOL! For MC lovers, highly recommended!





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