4 captivating stars!

So weird it’s captivating! Opening the first page I started reading just to get the feel of it, and OMG this book wouldn’t let me go! It was so weird and mysterious from the start, I had to keep reading to see what was happening, so beautifully written and with a fresh voice and thinking, it really was fascinating and I just wish there was more; a huge thank you to netgalley for having it up for request!


First of all I have to say that I kind of love the long title, it’s sort of poetic, enigmatic and self-explanatory at the same time. Second of all, I love books that cover only a day in someone’s life, like this one, although it has so many descriptive moments of the hero’s past and what has affected him the most.

Marcos, the hero, loves sleep, he loves his bed and his pillow but he introduces a world where people have the option to never sleep again and he is just about to inject himself with the serum so he won’t have to sleep again. He shares that his mother has just passed away and he needs to do something different, he describes his relationship with many people, most of all his mother throughout the book and it is fascinating!

What I have always believed is that pillows hold a part of your nightmares inside them, part of your problems and your dreams. And that’s why we put those cases on them: so we won’t have to look at those traces of our lives. Nobody likes seeing themselves reflected in an object. Our cars, our cell phones, our clothes, they all say so much about us.

I just loved the words, I loved how this book pretty much stated a lot of obvious things (I do love my pillow!) but it was so interesting reading about a world where the little things just didn’t matter anymore.

A lot can happen in a day though; while the hero is ready to take that final step he briefly sees a woman that makes him pause for a moment and observe her. And then the phone rings. Up to that point we know very little about him as a person, what he does and stuff, so his boss calls and tells him the news. An alien has been captured. They need him. From that point on he takes us into this crazy ride that is just one day of his life in which he has a unique (I use that word a lot for this book but it is!) gift of reading people’s past.


Marcos interaction with the alien, alien’s knowledge of life, the little details that affect a person’s life like a domino, they all came together so beautifully. I loved this world; I loved how amazing it was to just get a glimpse of a single day from these people that are willing to give up so much they consider so little. Hands down unputdownable and addictive from the first page, definitely worth the read ♥




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