4 fangirling stars!

When I first saw the cover and the title my first thought was ‘Why would I want to read a book about being a fangirl when I know how that is first hand?’, and I was right. This is exactly that; a book about a fangirl and well… that.

Normally I would not read this book, like at all, because it’s not my style and I started it thinking that I wouldn’t enjoy it. But I did. Because I can relate. So, so much.

The Fandom, is pretty much IT  and being a fangirl is a full time job, one that I love so much and it introduced me to all kinds of things.

As a book it was a good read, a fast read thanks to the dialogues and the minimum amount of drama – like family and friends etc.

From my experience with Realistic Fiction, it usually is on the more dramatic side of life, a little too much and sometimes over the top. Even though I liked this book, I kind of feel the need to say something about the Cath/Levi relationship.

 It doesn’t happen.

Finding a girlfriend is one thing BUT finding a boyfriend who also is a fan and borderline fanboy is something else. And it doesn’t happen.

Well, it happens but not that much. Of course there are the lucky girls that have that but normally it doesn’t happen. I get that it is really beautiful and cute and all that, but also, it is not that realistic, mostly it’s just girlfriends fangiling with each other and asdfghjkl-ing over something/everything.

But you never know what can happen and this book is about that in the end, how things can fall into place when you least expect it to.




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