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Hello my lovelies, this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is all about Dads! A few weeks ago on Mother’s Day I chose a rather sad topic so with this one I’m doing something different as well but not sad. The easy picks for memorable fathers in literature are definitely Arthur WeasleyAtticus Finch, Ned Stark. But that would be too easy; so instead I’m putting together a list of contemporary Dads in fiction – and some on-screen. These characters went from being heroes to being fathers and they’re doing a pretty good job at it too.

Roman Andersen & Braeden Walker, Hashtag series // Roman and Braeden are the most recent dads in literature I read about. Both from the Hashtag series, first Braeden being the adorable but really cool dad or so he’d say and then Roman, being patient and over protective. I adore them both and they rock as dads.

Wrath Zsadist Rhage Blay & Qhuinn, BDB // My Black Dagger Brotherhood boys make awesome dads! Zsadist was the first to go down the fatherhood road and even if it was a rocky one, he pulled it off. Then Wrath, and last but not least Rhage, who was pretty adorable as a dad. Blay & Qhuinn are just ?

Dean West, Spiral of Bliss series // Dean is one of the first literary fathers I loved. As a character he’s so lovable but as a dad, he kicks major ass.

Moses, The Law of Moses // Oh sweet Moses ???

Dexter Black, Dragon’s Lair // One of the first literary fathers I loved next to Dean, Dex is the Jax Teller of books, but softer.

Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood, The Mortal Instruments series (specifically the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy series) // MALEC HAS A BLUE WARLOCK BABY YALL I CANT ?

Alexander Belov, The Bronze Horseman trilogy // I’m not even going to explain Alexander, if you still haven’t read The Bronze Horseman then WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE

Rush Finlay, Too Far series // To be honest I don’t even know how Rush popped into my head when I saw the topic, it’s been years since I’ve read the Too Far series but he was a good father later on.

Edward Cullen, The Twilight Saga // Hate him or love him, Edward was a great father to a very unusual child in a very unusual situation.

and some on-screen dads because have you met me?

Roman Godfrey, Hemlock Grove // Technically Roman is a book character but I haven’t read the book yet so I’m going to talk about the TV adaptation; HOLY ASDFGHJKL WHAT

Klaus Mikaelson, The Vampire Diaries // Oh Klaus, I love Klaus and he is simultaneously most unfit person to be a father but also the best at it. At least, in a Klaus way.

Jax Teller, Sons of Anarchy // He may be a shitty husband and an outlaw but damn him he is a good father.

Lucas Scott & Nathan Scott, One Tree Hill // Nathan and Lucas are the first on-screen favorite characters that turned into amazing dads. Nathan sure took his sweet time but Lucas was a pro from the get go.

I’m sure I missed a few. Let me know your favorite book or screen dad!

28 thoughts on “Fictional Heroes Embracing Fatherhood”

  1. I really need to read The Mortal Instruments series. *sigh* Outside of Edward, I don’t know any of these characters (and honestly, I think I was too old to be reading Twilight to begin with… I gave up halfway through the series). So, now I’m curious about these others. Lots of stuff to add to the TBR/TBW list now.

    Here is my Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!


    I didn’t know Hemlock Grove was a book! I’m going to have to read that ASAP (provided I can find it, of course).

    Why did you add Klaus as The Vampire Diaries instead of The Originals?

  3. I knew I was going to love this list when I saw the mention of Mortal Instruments!! Great post!

    I’m new to blogging and book reviewing, and I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers and book reviewers.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.

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