4 amazing stars! 

I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this and it was fantastic; music, romance, love and so many feels. The story is about Lillie, an aspiring singer and Jed, the American rock star!

Lillie and Jed are so cure, they are such a nice couple considering Lillie’s past with men (douche ex-boyfriend had a wife and child when they were dating!) totally adorable from pretty much the moment they meet. Lillie wants to be a singer but she suffers from stage fright and Jed pretty much has it all, the screaming fans, the life style, the back and forth. Being in a relationship and always being on the move is proven to be hard though so when Jed invites Lillie to sing with his band The Dead Hour on their tour, she of course says yes. While on tour everything goes and pretty fast they become the hottest rock couple ever but with screaming fangirls and some very interesting situations and equally amazing secondary characters, things get crazy, but good crazy!

I loved the writing and especially the world the author traveled me to along with the band, never has a rock themed book traveled me as much as this one, I kept saying to myself, I want to go there so badly, I want to see that for myself and in my book that’s a winner! An amazing debut novel full of music and romance! Hands down a must read ♥





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