This question is brought to you by the latest book releases in a series of books that I was disappointed in… I’m so fun in November, I swear.

Let me start by saying that I’m one of those who have waited for years for a book release. We get one Black Dagger Brotherhood book a year and I’m eternally grateful it’s not more. We get one Game of Thrones book in a decade – just kidding it’s roughly half a decade, George R. R. Martin, please don’t kill anyone because of me! just kidding as if I have any influence over book characters *cries* – and back in the days all the Harry Potter release dates were like national holidays for readers, queues and crying and partying and the whole deal, oh those magical days. Same with Twilight.

And I’ve been on the opposite side where I’ve gotten books (in a series) within a few weeks (that were pre-written and published back to back, there’s a huge difference in the writing process). But nowadays, we get multiple books released a day and the while the pressure for authors to get their books out there is high, the need for quality books on their own time should be just as high. We pre-order books and they arrive on our Kindle even earlier than planned. And I’m so okay with that, in fact, thank you for lessening out agony. BUT! As all shiny, new things, there’s also a downside.

  • Yes, we get books faster than ever before. My shelves thank you, my bank account not so much but who needs food anyway.
  • Yes, we appreciate the hell out of it, too. The books, not the lack of food.
  • Yes, it’s awesome that we can read books closer together instead of waiting months, years.

There’s a reason we have to wait years for a new Game of Thrones book, and there was a reason we only get one BDB book a year, or back in the days with Harry Potter and TLOTR took nearly more than a decade to be written and it was published back to back. Have you seen the sizes of those books? Or the amazing details? The world building? The complexity of the stories?

Book writing is hard, people!

It demands time, and effort, and WORDS TO BE WRITTEN, like, typed. I get bored writing a review, I can’t possible imagine what goes into writing a 300-400+ page book, let alone +800!

Writing a book takes time. And lately that has been an after thought in every series I’ve finished these past few months; I getting the feeling that the last book in the series is almost always rushed to be published or more books are being added to what originally was a trilogy and books are getting shorter for no reason at all. Personally I would much rather wait an entire year or half a decade for a book than to have that book within weeks/months of the previous one or to have 2-3 more books added and for them to be so bad I’ll be disappointed in the end.


How long have you waited for a book release? Was it worth it? Would you wait up to or more than a year for a book if you knew it would be worth it?

Let me know in the comments below and please, please, always be kind to authors, they are people too, with personal lives, and writing should only bring joy to readers and authors. Unless you are the kind of person who likes a good tearjerker, in that case I FEEL YA!



  1. Honestly, I don’t really notice the time in between after my initial shock of however the one prior ended. Does that make sense? haha I’m always like NOOOO I haven to wait!? and then it wears off because I have 500 other books to read. I’d rather authors feel like they have their novel the way they want it than to rush. Perfect example is Martin. I’d rather him take his time then hurry up just because of the TV show. But that doesn’t mean that some books released back to back aren’t good either. Every author is different, their processes are different. So, like you said, authors – take your time 🙂
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    1. No, it definitely doesn’t mean that some books published back to back are not good. Although the majority of those ones I’ve read were pre-written. Every author is different. In between the BDB books we get other books from the author. I hope authors know there’s really no pressure when it comes to release dates.

  2. I find that if there is a cliffhanger, I forget the story and am less interested in the follow up if I have to wait too long. But, if each book is kind of a stand alone or at least doesn’t have a cliffy, I don’t mind the wait. We get one Stephanie Plum book a year and that works for me. But, seriously, if I had to wait more than a month or 2 between the Royals books from Erin Watt, I would have totally forgotten the story and given up. I have a short attention span I guess!
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  3. I have little patience, so it’s agonizing for me to wait for the next book in the series. However, sometimes it is worth the wait. Case in point: When I first started reading Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series,I had to wait a year in between books. It’s the anticipation and the satisfaction of going to the bookstore (this was before e-books) and finding the new book and hugging it to my chest. Alas, I don’t get that feeling that much anymore. And each one of her books were lovely. So, I agree, authors please take the time! Great post 🙂 ~Aleen
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  4. I totally get that authors are people too and often have lives or jobs outside of writing, but I’m not good at waiting for books in a series. If I could, I’d binge-read every series that I read. That’s my preferred way of doing things. So having to wait 2 years just doesn’t work well for me because by that time I’m no longer invested in the story, my head and my heart aren’t in it, I’ve forgotten too many details and emotions, and those are the things I live for in books. Sometimes, if too much time passes, I just completely lose interest and that’s that. And it’s not because I’m trying to be mean to the authors, it’s just that I lose interest and have a million other books calling my name to try them. It takes a REALLY good story to keep me invested for over a year between books. However, I’m more lenient if that’s the only series the author is working on. Like, if they’re devoted to that series but just have life and whatnot, I can be more understanding. But I get frustrated when I have to wait a year or two or more for a book because they just stopped working on that series to write a whole ‘nother series and a standalone before going back and finishing the first series they started -_-
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    1. Oh yeah, it’s a completely different thing if they abandon the series altogether, but like you said, it takes a really good series to make a reader wait. I don’t really mind, there are so many books out there to read in between long waiting periods, and I always re-read my favorite, sometimes I completely forget about a series and then when I check back there’s a new book out, that’s the best feeling!
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  5. I think I’m usually pretty patient as it’s just life- authors can only write so fast and for the most part they seem dedicated to their craft and their books come out as fast as they reasonably can, I think. then there’s the George RR Martins’s of the world lol. Granted his books are complex and he doesn’t owe anybody anything (although he does owe his publishers as he’s signed contracts??) but I am losing a bit of patience with that series, even though I love it and blog about it a lot. Ha ha. It’s just that I’ve been reading his stuff half my life seems like. Seriously though I’m willing to wait because you’re right, writing is HARD.
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    1. Hahaha I don’t think there’s anyone like GRRM out there when it comes to book release dates and as far as publishers and contracts go, who knows? But yeah, writing is hard and I’m sure if anyone wants to publish more it’s the authors themselves, so, patiently waiting!

  6. My answer is boring (LOL) but I just wait as long as it takes. Ha. Obviously we can all ready a million times faster than an author can write so it stands to reason that there will be big gaps between releases. I don’t think there’s ever been a time that during the wait I decided it “wasn’t worth it” and abandoned the author or series. I mean, it takes as long as it takes and I’ll get the book eventually. Ideally I’d have the 3rd ACOTAR book in my hands right now but it’s not going to happen soooo… I’m patient. 🙂
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    1. Exactly! There are so many books out there to keep readers occupied and waiting only makes it better in my opinion, because I get to re-read and love the books even more. And beside, what is there to do other than wait, it’ll be out when it does and in the meantime, read more books 😉

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