Ah Netflix. It has seriously interfered with my reading and my blogging, it has given me so many shows to love and now it broke me. Netflix broke me.

Stranger Things was one of those shows I had yet to watch, whenever I’d tell people who, they’d look at me like I was insane for not watched one of the most hyped shows of the past few years. And maybe I was. I was. I definitely was. So a few days ago and as I was struggling with my 2 ARCs, reading back and forth and trying to make them work, yet another friend of mine gave into the hype and binged Stranger Things. So she told me to binge it also. No, no. Correction, she wouldn’t stop talking about it. And I did. I put on the first episode expecting to not like it – I don’t know why – and just give up after a few minutes. Truth it, five minutes into it and I hated it. I hated it. I HATED IT. Mostly because I knew I was done for. This was legit. So damn legit that I was giddy with excitement, my jaw was on the floor and my brain a mush.

Stranger Things is basically everything you’ve heard it was. Addictive, amazing, it brings back so many memories and it’s just awesome. Season 1 starts when Joyce’s (Winona Ryder) 12-year-old son, Will, goes missing. Now usually in TV it’s rare that we get a decent parent and Joyce is that parent, she goes through a lot of weird stuff to find her son and overall she’s an amazing parent, unlike every other parent on the show who are totally oblivious but hilarious at the same time.


Seriously, she nailed it, I CAN’T EVEN WITH HER PERFORMANCE!

Stranger Things has a lot of child actors who each of them are unfairly good, they kick ass and they’re easily the best thing about the show. I won’t spoil anything, if you’re anything like me, then you pretty much know the key characters because, you know… the internet.

Season 2 has a less urgent feel to it, the season takes its time to set up the final episodes where everything goes to shit in the best way and it also gives a huge lesson on character development. I mean, HUGE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT I did not see coming. I can’t not include Steve Harrington in this, he went from the unlikable jock I wouldn’t mind if he dropped dead to hands down my most beloved character on the show, that’s insane and yet this show pulled it off. I could talk forever about it but I’m a few years too late and it’s all been said. Now I’m one more person waiting for the next season and hopefully more Steve, the single mom of four. 👈 The inside jokes are h i l a r i o u s

Also, I mean it, it broke me… I haven’t read a book since I finished it and I’m waiting for four ARCs soon so, fingers crossed this isn’t a serious thing… *side eyes Netflix*

Have you seen it yet? Do you plan to go for it?


  1. I only just started watching this show and love it so far! I’m not gonna lie though, I was caught off guard when I started watching and realized that my maiden name was the name of the town. ^^;; Netflix has been kicking butt with it’s original series, way better than regular cable.

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