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I watched Justice League Thursday night and today, Monday morning, I’ve yet to make up my mind about it.

  • Was it worth the wait? Of course, JL brings so many characters to the big screen, that’s a big duh moment.
  • Was it what I though it would be? No.

Mostly because I usually don’t want to get my hopes up for any DC movie even though I end up enjoying them in the end but also, Wonder Woman took things on a whole other level so I was really looking forward to this.

Let’s take things one at a time. Every since JL was announced a few years ago I’ve been on a countdown waiting for this moment. I grew up with these characters so the chance of finally seeing them all together? I was giddy with excitement!

Whedon VS Snyder

For anyone who has seen any Snyder movie and any Whedon movie (like the Avengers), you could easily tell which director was responsible for which part, from the usual slow-mos to the little character bits that glued everything together, it was obvious to tell them apart. Joss Whedon definitely wasn’t responsible for just 20% of the movie like we’re being told, if you break the movie to scenes and measure them, he was responsible for way more than that. Which is both good and bad.

Color palette

For example, Snyder’s usual dark color palette was replaced by a lighter one. More color, more sunlight, more daylight scenes and not as many close-ups and slow motion shoots, but what they failed to match, was the costumes. When you make costumes to fit a darker palette and then you switch to a lighter one, the details and the colors on the costumes will most certainly not pop so immediately the entire movie became brighter but also lost a lot of it visual details that we are used to. To anyone who is just watching this for pure entertainment purposes and not really paying attention to the details it’s something easily missed.

So many teasers

Watching JL felt like watching a gigantic teaser for what’s yet to come from DC. Cyborg, The Flash, Aquaman, they were all set up to get the fans excited for more DC movies. For one, I’m sold, my countdown for the Aquaman movie is on and I cannot wait but I wanted to easy into them instead of getting random scenes that felt like were made up as individual character trailers.

The characters

The legendary heroes of the Justice League did not disappoint. Ben Affleck as Batman couldn’t have been better even if they tried to give him an Iron Man vibe with a hilarious line “something is definitely bleeding” that was a bit too familiar.

Gal Gadot was probably the most solid character and her previews appearance as Wonder Woman that was brilliantly delivered by Patty Jenkins is to be credited. So once again she stole the show with very little effort because we still have the aftertaste of her previous movie.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Ezra Miller as the Flash were the three characters that didn’t get as much background introduction, saving it for their own movies I suppose but still, Aquaman by far stole the show and the Flash added a little something while Cyborg just delivered a few lines with very little plot to work with.

For anyone who is even a tiny bit familiar with these characters, you could easily fill in the blanks. Barry Allen’s dad being in prison, Aquaman in Atlantis and his parents, Cyborg’s accident and of course the mother boxes. I think the extended cut will include a lot more scenes, we’ve definitely seen them on the trailers, like Barry breaking a glass with his finger and a flashback of a pre-Cyborg Victor.

That one secret 

Let’s be honest, no one watching BvS actually believed that Superman was dead and about to stay dead. If the BvS ending didn’t give it away, WB’s desperate attempt to remove Henry Cavill from any promo until the last possible minute was a gigantic failure. Also the fact that HC had a moustache during JL that had to be CGI’d made his final look borderline hilarious. I love him because how can I not but come on, that moustache-less upper lip will haunt me.

The wasted cameos

J.K. Simmons, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Robin Wright, Diane Lane — JL has so many pointless cameos by amazing actors, Amy Adams is a five-time Oscar nominee, Jeremy Irons has an Oscar, 2 Golden Globe wins and 4 nominations and he’s been given so little to work with, he still dominates the scenes he’s in of course but USE HIM OMG, and Amy Adams is yet again reduced to being Sups girlfriend, which is such a waste. Robin Wright had a brief cameo in a big fight at Themyscira which was done so beautifully but she didn’t say A. SINGLE. WORD. Amber Heard had more scenes than Wright which worked as a teaser for the upcoming Aquaman movie but still, this is such a talented cast that didn’t have anything to work with.

The verdict

Justice League needed more run time, it could use an additional 30 minutes or so to make it flow better and give us something to work with but over all this was a very character driven movie, its point was to bring everyone together. The CGI villain, Steppenwolf, that never felt dangerous for the characters was only there to give them something to do while they joked around and bonded over this non threatening threat but also in the end, this is the Justice League I wanted to see. Yes, it could have been better but it is what it is, it made a big turn towards something lighter, both in color and feel, and it shifted Batman and Superman into a better versions of what we had before. If JL follows the same pattern as BvS then the Ultimate Edition will be something to behold.


Have you seen Justice League yet? Do you plan on watching it at all?


  1. I’ve been hesitant to see this movie just because it’s had some very mixed reviews from people whose opinion I often read. This does give me hope though! I never expected to be blow away amazing but at least things seem to be improving for DC. Hopefully Aquaman and the rest of the JL’s solo movies will be as good as Wonder Woman!

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