killing sarai

5 bloody stars!

I don’t have much to say about this book, apart from the fact that I loved it! Finally a book that can be gritty and have a badass heroine without trying to make her out to be a good girl at heart.

Sarai has been through hell and like the book says, sometimes innocence is gone and there is nothing that can restore it. She has seen and been through so much that there is no point in trying to live a normal life because hers is so far from it that there is no point in trying.

What I loved about Sarai was the fact that even though she does have a gentle heart when it comes to some people in her life, she still is and will remain a killer. And she is not even sorry about it!

And then there is Victor. That guy was seriously considering killing her in about 90% of the book! And that was brilliant! There was no insta romance, or mushy words or sappy love story that twists the plot around just for happy ever after. Victor and Sarai had none of that. They were seriously considering killing each other for the most part and again, that was brilliant.

Constantly on edge waiting to see what happens and how is going to kill whom, thick plot and solid characters. I can only hope that the second book will be just as good and not turn into a love story!




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