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Mother’s Day is always a special day where we get to celebrate moms, but for this week’s Top Ten topic I want to celebrate those moms who never got the chance to be mothers to their children whether because they died or because the babies died and unfortunately the examples in both literature and screen are a lot.

  • Rhaella Targaryen: Wife and sister of the Mad King, died giving birth to Daenerys. Rhaella was such a tragic character in the GoT series, among a lot of tragic characters.
  • Lyanna Stark: Died giving birth to her son with Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow. I love Lyanna, I just love her, I’m waiting for a GoT spin off because she’s the one character I’m so looking forward to see on screen so her death and the fact that poor Jon still doesn’t know about her, it’s killing me! ?

  • Joanna Lannister: Wife of Tywin Lannister, died giving birth to Tyrion. I mean, Tyrion… I just want to hug him, no one deserves to be treated like that after their mom dies, no one.
  • Lily Potter: Was murdered by Voldemort trying to protect her son Harry. My badass Lily, first book mom whose death haunted me.
  • Padmé Amidala: Died after giving birth to Luke and Leia. PADME DESERVED BETTER OKAY PADME DESERVED BETTER!

  • Wellisandra: Mated shellan (wife) of Tohrment I, murdered by the Lessers while pregnant with her son. Wellsie died pregnant, she was a beloved character in the BDB book series that I felt like I personally lost her.
  • All Disney moms. Stop. Doing. That.
  • Maura DeMarco: Carmine’s mom in the Sempre series, I just *sobs*
  • Tara Knowles: Tara’s death from Sons of Anarchy completely destroyed me. I loved her and she was badass, her death was brutal and utterly unfair, I will never get over that scene.

Look. At. Them. ???

  • Bambi’s​ mother: WHY BABMI’S MOTHER WHY
  • Martha Wayne: Probably the most overdone character death on screen. Still sad to watch, every single time.
  • Daenerys: I love Dany, I completely love her, and I was waiting for baby Rhaego. And sometimes I really, really hate this show. Bring them back George!

Damn you GRRM ???????

  • Cersei Lannister: Cersei lost all 4 of her children, 1 with King Robert and 3 with her brother Jaime. She may not be a liked character but she still lost her children so brutally. Especially Myrcella, I mean, that scene… ?

  • Talisa Stark: Yup, GoT has a lot of dead moms and all of them happen to be here, the Red Wedding was brutal to watch and Talisa was not an old character, still painful to watch that happening.
  • Princess Diana: Real life death that I still cannot get over, Lady D’s death was a brutal broadcasted event that-?

Sad post is over, celebrate moms every day, they’ve earned it ?

38 thoughts on “Mother’s Day | Gone But Not Forgotten”

  1. Lyanna Stark- awesome choice! I love the brief descriptions we get of her in the books, makes me SO curious. Joanna Lannister too, and yes Padme deserved better! And Bambi’s mother! That’s a tough one to see especially when you’re a kid. Geez Disney…
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  2. Ohhh – yes to so many of these.

    Joanna Lannister – poor, poor Tyrion. Who knows what Westeros would look like now if not for her death.

    Lily Potter – SOB


    Disney moms (ESP Bambi’s mom) YES!!!

    And Daenerys – that was so sad.

    Cersei is a psychotic woman, but I can definitely see how she would be made that way.

    Great, great list!

  3. Pretty much all the Game of Thrones mothers, SO MUCH DEATH! And yes Lily Potter is a great choice, from the flashbacks she was an amazing mother. I’m watching SOA (just started season 7) and Tara’s death was such a shock, I’m still not over it. Great picks.

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