5 colorful stars!

Oh how long I’ve waited for this book and it did not disappoint one bit! Nash was epic and his story with Saint was beautiful and colorful. Third book in the series that I’m in love with and I hope there’s more to come!

Compared to the rest of the series, Nash’s story was the most emotional so far. The story begins with Saint back in high school and how shy she was and not accepted. Nash, being one of the boys, even though he surprisingly made an effort to get to know her, he also kind of hurt her feelings. Rejection hurts and it stayed with Saint to this day.

Fast forward, Saint is a nurse and Nash is a frequent hospital visitor due to his uncle being hospitalized.

As cliche as it may have been, the whole Saint/Nash situation, it also seemed to me very very real, meaning; it could easily happen in real life between two people that had a minor – next to none – interaction. But now that they are forced in each other’s company, sort of anyway due to Saint’s big heart and huge crush on Nash, their worlds collide again. This time for good.

Saint is painfully shy with a poor self-esteem. Nash is… well, he is gorgeous. Tattooed from head to toe with piercings is all kinds of places. Clearly not Saint’s go-to guy. That’s what she thinks anyway. Nash on the other hand thinks he is too good for the likes of her. See what I mean, cliche but still written in a way that leaves no room for second-guessing this amazing story!

When they eventually get together, Saint’s self-esteem is always waiting for the other shoe to droop, always thinking that at some point Nash will cheat, because why stay with her when he can have anyone?

Not happening though since Nash is AMAZING! He’s a big sweetheart – swoon worthy and drop dead gorgeous but still a sweetheart. He comes from a broken family, having a bitch for a mom and an absent father, leaving his uncle to raise him, but he is honestly a straight forward, decent guy.

And sooner or later, he makes Saint see that in him.


This story was almost poetic in a way, it definitely was more emotional from the rest but still full of surprises and amazing secondary characters. Unputdownable as always!


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