2017 is upon us and I kind of dread the moment Goodreads will ask me to set my goal for the new reading year. I mean, I just finished it (with a few more books than planned but we all do that, set a smaller goal and then surpass it, duh!) and now I have to set a new one already. And since it’s the new year new me BS everyone does every year and yet nobody follows through with it, I decided to set my own unrealistic bookish resolutions which I will probably not follow through, again, duh!

  • Read outside my genre // This one I probably will do, or at least try to do more of, since this year I did read outside my usual genres and found a lot of gems, so bring it on 2017, I will concur ALL THE GENRES!
  • Don’t rate books so high // Going through my books I noticed a pattern, I either rate a book with 5 stars  or 2, there were very few 4-3 stars and my 5 stars could totally be 4 stars if I hadn’t rated the book in the middle of my fangirl freak out.
  • Read more standalones // This will never happen because I have a million on-going book series which will release books in 2017 so yeah, that’s already planned to fail but still I need more standalones in my life, I’m running out of patience to wait for books *eyes a lot of series*
  • Don’t buy books based on their cover // HAHAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS A GOOD ONE! Next..
  • Be more organized // OKAY I’LL STOP I SWEAR

  • Don’t be such a failure when it comes to visiting other blogs // This might be the only thing I will actively try not to fail at, I love the bookish community and I love visiting other blogs but between RL, an endless list of books to be read, movies to be watched and series to be binge watched, I suck at browsing the amazing blogs out there, usually the Top Ten Tuesday and The Sunday Post memes are so good at helping me find new blogs and communicate with other bloggers but I need to be more out there.
  • Read classics // I have a deep love for the classics, the very few I’ve read so far I’ve loved and they are actually a lot of free classics on Amazon so there’s no excuse for not reading them other than time and other books, but I want to read at least a few this year, I just got Anna Karenina on Amazon for free a few weeks ago and I’m still on the first chapter because all my NetGalley books got approved. Sigh.

  • Stop re-reading so much // Not gonna happen but I do a lot of re-reading during the year, either to get back into a series before starting a new book or because I use it as a reading cleanser after an intense book or a book that disappointed me. Or when I get reading slumps. I could devote that time to reading new books, blogging etc, but I won’t feel guilty for re-reading my favorites either.
  • Get more people addicted to Hamilton // That I will do, I promise, HAMILTON IS AMAZING AND EVERYONE SHOULD BE INTO IT!

*drum roll* THAT WAS FUN! I don’t know how many of these I’ll be able to do and how epic my failure will be but reading is fun and there are no dos and don’ts when it comes to it. I hope you concur your TBR this year – that is so not going to happen but a bookworm can dream, right? Here’s to another year full of books ♥


  1. I don’t bother trying to read outside my favourite genres now…I spent many years experimenting but each time I did that I ended up with a pile of 1 star DNFs! It’s good for younger readers to experiment I think but there comes a point when you feel comfortable in your favourite genres, like a warm pair of slippers on a cold day! Sometimes I see a book I like the look of in a different genre and I’ll grab that but it’s not a regular thing.

    I don’t seem to have many standalones either…in fact I have a lot of book ones unread which is worrying…I’d like to re-read more ie Hunger Games! but can’t justify it with so many tbrs. The only re-reads lined up for next year are for doing series catchups where I feel I need to re-read book one to refresh my memory before I continue ie Morganville Vampires.

    Thankfully I don’t buy books based on covers or read ARCs so that helps!
    chucklesthescot recently posted…Chuckles December ReviewMy Profile

    1. I only did that this year, read a few Mystery/Horror books and totally loved them, so I’ll try it again, might have the same luck. As for standalones, I’m such a series addict, but once in a while I need a book that will end after the last chapter so I won’t have to wait for another one.

      I do, a lot LOL and it needs to be controlled.
      Kei @ The Lovely Pages Reviews recently posted…NEW YEAR’S BOOKISH RESOLUTIONS I WILL PROBABLY NOT FOLLOW THROUGHMy Profile

  2. Oh I am a total cover whore. I have just accepted it.
    I too am trying to not request all the books. Seriously. I mean it. *checking NetGalley*
    And I have to know, how is everyone obsessed with Hamilton? Its a play right, so its not like I can watch it online or anything right? I’m so confused as to how people have gotten so obsessed with it when I know its on Broadway and tickets were like totally sold out! So, share how you got so into it!
    Samantha recently posted…Until Ashlyn by Aurora Rose Reynolds: ReviewMy Profile

    1. I think I need to do a where to find Hamilton post because people don’t know it but there’s an original cast recording you can find on Spotify or iTunes that has the entire thing and there’s a mixtape, also on Spotify and iTunes with a few songs sang by famous artists. You need to Youtube it, there’s a video of a White House live performance way before the play, that will get you hooked!

      I’ll never get to watch it on Broadway but this is the next best thing 🙁 Enjoy!!!
      Kei @ The Lovely Pages Reviews recently posted…NEW YEAR’S BOOKISH RESOLUTIONS I WILL PROBABLY NOT FOLLOW THROUGHMy Profile

  3. One of my big goals is to read outside of my usual genre too. I read only romances in 2016 so this year I added more YA, fantasy, and thrillers to my list. I also want to read more books from my TBR list. I own sooo many books but I always end up pushing them aside for the ARCs I get for reviews. I’m going to try to request a little less so I can do it…we’ll see how it goes, I guess. lol! Good luck on your goals!
    Julie @ Happily Ever Chapter recently posted…My favorite book covers of 2016My Profile

  4. I have the opposite goal to read less standalones lol. Well, I didn’t officially make it a goal, but I really have been trying to take less standalones for review since, even though sometimes they can be amazing, they’re not memorable to me and I just don’t enjoy them as much as really getting lost in a series.

    I had read more classics as a goal last year. I read four. I did my duty. I’m cultured now 😉 I didn’t make it a goal this year though because I just never end up really liking them.

    You shouldn’t stop rereading if you like it! It is always a conundrum because there are so many other we want to read, but rereading is nice too. Those new books might’ve sucked anyway 😛
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Bookish Musings: My 2017 Bookish GoalsMy Profile

  5. LOL This was fun, Kei. We are sooo opposite on the 5 star ratings. I am *super stingy* with 5 stars. I save that rating for truly phenomenal books, ones that moved me, ones that are actually unforgettable, and are all-time favorites. I give only a few of those a year. Like I said, super stingy. Really good books (for me) are 4 stars. Those 5 stars… so rare.
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…The Sunday Post #39My Profile

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