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5 life’s a song stars!

I have never ever ever laughed so hard while reading a book. Even though I rarely like my books so damn funny, I fell in love with the first book of the Stage Dive series, Lick. And within the first few pages, I fell in love with Play as well.

Life’s a song, Anne. Let’s play.

When I read Lick, I thought to myself, how is the second book going to beat this? Not possible.

And yet, Mal and Anne were just as adorable and lovable as Ev and David.


Honestly, I could read those book forever and never getting tired of them. Kylie Scott is going on fangirling authors list and Stage Dive series is hands down the best rock star series I’ve read so far, and I have read a lot!

Mal is the crazy, totally out of his mind weird drummer of the Stage Dive band. We met him when he sort of crushed Ev and David’s honeymoon with his amazing craziness.

He’s kind of a puppy on steroids. Doesn’t even know his own strength.


Seriously. This guy is CRAZY and I love it. If it were for any other book/character I might have found it a bit too much, he is practically a man-child, never serious and even when he is you have no idea if he means it. And yet, that is adorable. And amazing. And super hot.

At this point I want to say how much I want to hug Kylie Scott because OMG thank you for creating this series!

I think I highlighted the entire book so I’m going to have to pick only a few quotes, otherwise I’ll just quote the whole book.

You’re a friend of Ev’s and Lauren’s. We talked. I tackled you. We rolled around on the floor together. It was a real bonding experience.

Mal wants a fake girlfriend. We never really get to the why until the very end but that doesn’t really matter.

When Anne goes to a party for Ev and David, she runs into Mal. Her teenage band crush. Of course she has a fangirling moment, because who wouldn’t and he likes her crazy eyes.

Anne is a friend of Ev’s and she is thrust into this world of fame and music but she is tough and I loved the way her character was built. She’s had this long crush on her boss but he is basically kind of using that whenever he is available and she’s over it. Anne is such a sweetheart and she can handle Mal’s craziness like no other.


After that, and because Mal is crazy, he sees her as the perfect pretend girlfriend and moves into her apartment. Without asking. And yet, I find that completely adorable in a way that I never thought I would.

So the fake relationship starts.

“Whatever you’re imagining, it’s bigger.”
“I’m not imagining anything.”
“I’m serious, it’s basically a monster. I cannot control it.”
“You’re pretty much going to need a whip and a chair to tame it, Anne.”
“Stop it.”

And Mal is well… he is Mal. I think his name should be in the dictionary because that is the only way someone can define him in one word. He’s Mal.

“Your pubes,” he said, angst filling his voice. “Where are they?”

“I wax.”

“Well, stop it. I want cute carrot colored pubic hair like on the top of your head. I deserve it.”

He cannot be described and you HAVE to meet him, you just have to.

The man probably needed to be locked away for the safety of women everywhere.

There was not even a word of this book that I didn’t lo-lo-lo-loved. I devoured it and then I went back to read Lick because I missed David and Ev and now I’m left with a huge hangover.

Hands down the best rock star series so far!




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