It happens. I’ve been a reader for years and once in a blue moon I go through a reading slump but I choose to see that as a good thing. It’s not, but I do. Usually when I looove a book so much, it stays with me for so long I can’t get out of that story, to dive into another. I don’t want to; still there are a few things that usually get me back into reading and I hope some of these will word for you as well!

things I do when I’m in a reading slump

  • Switch genres

That’s, for me, the most effective way of getting out of a reading slump. Try something different, go from one genre to something else entirely, like Romance to Fantasy or Drama to Realistic Fiction. You will either be introduced to a whole new genre or want to go back to your genre and read all the books.

  • Re-read favorites

I have a lists of favorite books I re-read frequently, so much as to know them by heart now but I love them and I love re-reading them so whenever I feel like it, I pick up one of them. It’s a good way to get back into the game with a book that you enjoy and you are familiar with.

  • TBR

That’s where you’ll find all those books you marked as want-to-read because you read something you liked in the blurb. So what better time to pick one up!

  • Books left behind

I’m a huge book series reader. I’ve read more series than standalones because I want to be into a book world as much as possible and what better way to do that than a book series, especially long ones. So go through your TBR and see if you can find a book from a book series you haven’t read yet or a spin off and get back into that world!

  • Author love

We all have a favorite author, or more than one. But have you read all the books by that author? I still have at least one book from my favorite authors to read so I’m sure you’ll find something – maybe even a novella for something quick.

  • Enjoy it

Yup. Just let it be, people! Maybe reading slumps are our brain’s way of telling us that you need a time out. Let all the books you’ve read sink in and in the mean time do something else, seize the slump. Watch movies, book inspired movies to help you faster – binge watch, because why not. And do some exploring, go to book stores and see if you can find something new. Join a book club, maybe the book conversation will help you get back to it, or start one for your favorite book! Also, you can totally write your own book. Book readers make the best writers in my opinion. And be careful of the cliches!

What helps you when you’re in a reading slump?



  1. Awesome post 🙂 I wrote something similar a few months ago and it’s interesting to see how everyone has a different way of doing things. I personally find a seedy romance novel on Amazon and hide it away on my Kindle so no one knows what I’m reading haha

    1. LOL! I prefer to read something familiar that I know I will like no matter what but it’s true that different methods work for different people, why it is important we share it so as to help others find something that works 🙂

  2. I’m in a reading slump right now, so this is a timely post lol. Except I don’t know how to get out of it?? Because I don’t really like anything other than fantasy and sci-fi, and the only reason I’d have books in a series that I haven’t read yet is if I didn’t like it that much, so that wouldn’t help. I like your comment to seize the slump though lol. Maybe that’s what I need to do. Either that or just push through it until I find something that catches my attention again!

    1. Your comment went to spam and I always forget to check them!

      Re-read one of your favorite books, that always works for me no matter how many times I’ve read my favs they always put me back in the game. Usually books unread in a series either were published later and I didn’t get them or I waited for all of them to be published – I hate leaving series in the middle of the story.

      I hope you find something that works for you, but maybe sometimes you just need to take a break, it happens so don’t worry about it 🙂

  3. Great post, Kei! I very rarely experience reading slumps and, thankfully, when I do they tend to be brief. I usually just let it be and don’t force myself to read anything. Within a few days or a week I’m ready to jump right back in. Love the Author Love suggestion, though. I can always depend on my go-to authors. 🙂

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