4 bulletproof stars!

Oh my fictional world, what a book! After days of reading this I still don’t have the words; this is the kind of book that the reader should go in without any spoilers, and let it sink in afterwards. So many feels. SO. MANY. FEELS.

“But that’s what happens when you shoot at something impenetrable.
It ricochets.”

The book takes us to Detroit; Mayor Michael Culling has turned the city into a living, breathing con city, darkness and death and blood. After targeting his family, Nick Ryder is left for dead with a bullet in the head and his wife and son taken from him, he’s a broken man; he lost his family the cruelest way and he’s out for blood. Aubree Culling is trapped in her own darkness, Micheal is treating her the worst possible way, and with him running the city, she can’t leave; in order to execute his plan, Nick takes her for revenge.


I don’t want to give too much away; the story is super graphic, raw, and gritty. Heartbreaking. The characters are fucked up in their own way and together, they just were. Realizing that Aubree is not the trophy wife he thought she was messes with Nick’s head and plan.

“I saw darkness in her beauty, and she saw beauty in my darkness.”

There was only one thing that made me feel torn over the story and that was Nick’s wife. I just loved her from the flashbacks; I loved her so much, the little Nick & Lena moments were so powerful and amazing, I shipped them. I shipped them big time, even more so than him and Aubree which really sucked but I just loved him and Lena and their son!

But he was cute with Aubree too. NO I LOVED HIM MORE WITH LENA!

“You make me dream things I shouldn’t dream. Crave things I shouldn’t crave. My weakness.” His lips slanted over mine in a kiss that stole my breath. “You’ll destroy me, Aubree. And I won’t stop you.”

Amazing story, so beautifully written and full of feels, it will break your heart and then put it back together, so worth it!




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