5 amazing stars!

Even though I read the Marked Men series – Rule/Jet/Rome – back to back, I didn’t have the time to review this one, my second favorite in the series!

I loved  Rome.

I loved him since Rule and I loved him in Jet’s book too.


Military man, coming home after his last tour of duty, trying to blend back into his life and get used to being out of duty for good.

He is moody, bossy, he is pissing everyone off with his attitude and who would be better to put him in his place than Cora?


She’s tough. With her pink hair and tattoos all over, with her no-bullshit attitude and not really afraid to speak her mind, even to the moody Archer man than never seems to smile.

Those two together were exactly like I had hoped for and more!

Awkward at times, trying to come to grips with the new relationship they both seem to fight at first because – yes opposites attract but these two couldn’t be more different if they tried.

Cora wants a serious relationship. Having been hurt in the past, she doesn’t want to risk it with a fling, she wants the whole thing – totally opposite from the tough girl vibe – she wants a serious relationship and Archer men have a history of not being able to be in one.

Rome is all over the place. He feels like he doesn’t belong anymore. He is the big brother, the good son, the military guy. All those titles that he learnt to love and wear with honor, now being ex-military is causing him more than he thought.


I loved their relationship. I loved how small awkward steps slowly turned into solid life-changing decisions, and how they kind of went with the flow, both being too scared to continue and yet too scared to let go of one another.

Can’t wait for Nash, Marked Men really is turning into a favorite series of mine!




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