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The Rosemary Beach Series Reading Order:

  • Book 1: Fallen Too Far (Rush Finlay)
  • Book 2: Never Too Far (Rush Finlay)
  • Book 3: Twisted Perfection (Woods Kerrington)
  • Book 4: Forever Too Far (Rush Finlay)
  • Book 5: Simple Perfection (Woods Kerrington)
  • Book 6: Take A Chance (Grant Carter)
  • Book 7: One More Chance (Grant Carter) Release on September 2nd


5 amazing stars!

I’ll be the first to admit that when I started reading my first book by Abbi Glines I had very little expectations. Drama and all that jazz was all there was to it but it soon got me hooked on the series. First Rush and Blaire and all the drama these were surrounded by and of course Grant and Nan! But then, Harlow’s character came to play and I was in love!

I couldn’t wait to read Harlow’s book. A tiny glimpse was not nearly enough and even though the book ends with a cliffy and the second one is not out yet, I just HAD to read it!

Harlow is simply amazing! Totally different from Blaire (by far better than Nan of course!) and simply put, she is the girl next door; well, if you exclude her rock star dad that is.


Harlow is the quiet type. She’ll take a day in with her Kindle in her room over a party anytime. She is Nan’s opposite and after a very brief encounter, Grant was hooked.


Grant was amazing! The little parts we got to see of him were nothing compared to this. Since I read about him and Nan, I wondered what could possible go through his head that made him want to be with her in the first place.


This couple is by far my favorite, even though now that Blaire and Rush are not surrounded by drama they seem almost adorable, but still. I could connect with Harlow like no other! She remained true to herself till the end, despite the shocking revelations about her life during this book. She went from innocent but far from naive yet sheltered even though her life was surrounded by rock star drama to this strong girl that knows what she wants and she’ll take it, no matter the fallout and of course she was not whiny and second-guessing and she didn’t piss me off!


She even stood up to Nan and all her bitchiness and she proved to be tougher on the inside than she let on. Rock star dad that acts like a child will do that to you (although her dad made me cry like a baby!).

Oh btw, I want to see more of Harlow’s brother, please and thank you!


And Grant… oh sweet sweet Grant…

He was wrapped around Nan finger (I’m really over her and how much she can mess up everyone’s life, enough already!) but no more. His relationship with Harlow developed slowly but steadily and just as it was at a very good point, BAM, cliffhanger!

Overall, I LOVED IT more than the rest of the books mainly due to Harlow and Grant and I’m impatiently waiting for the next!




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