Excuse the bad singing, this event occurs once a year and for me – and a ton of fans worldwide – it’s a huge deal so I’m going to take this chance and fangirl on the blog for the first time.

Spring is upon us and it is known among fans for being awesome due to another book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood coming out. Around March – April we get another release and for me there’s a process that leads up to that release.

re-reading marathon

Of course it is impossible to avoid a re-read marathon – not because I forget the story up to that point but because I never say no to an opportunity to re-read my favorite series and it’s amazing that I can jump right to the next one and the newest one.

purchase hiatus

Now, as you can imagine the BDB books cost a lot – especially the Kindle version for an ebook, so around the release date I don’t purchase a lot of books, it creates a nice balance and it makes me feel better for spending all that money on one single ebook.

emotional preparation

As it happens with releases I need time to prepare myself for the epicness. This is a book I get once a year and it takes approximately 5-6 hours to read, a whole day depending on what that particular day looks like. I’m that crazy person who checks Kindle 100 times a day for the pre-order to load in and then I might just cancel the entire day to read. And then get a terrible hangover for the rest of the month. Not even kidding. It took me an entire month to get over my book hangover when I read The King and The Beast.

Plus, the tears.

Oh the joy.

Bookworms are crazy.

how do I words

Reviewing is supposed to be the one thing I should be nailing at this point. Yeah, that’s so far from the truth it’s not even funny. But writing a review about a book I love and at the same time I don’t want to spoil but I can’t NOT talk about ALL THE THINGS? You get it…

the anxiety is real

So far I’ve loved all the books in the series, all 14.5 of them. Since the first one I read back in 2013, this series is LIFE and everything that is beautiful and all rainbows and sunshine wrapped up in pretty covers so there’s always that terrified thought that this one might be different and I might not enjoy it as much. Which is very hard to happen since the characters are all familiar and the storyline is very hard to shock me although it has happened before and I trust Ward so much. But it’s a book series, and anything can happen.

why you should read it

  • Because I said so, duh
  • Because it’s amazing and just do it
  • Because there’s 14 books and books deserve to be read so just do it
  • Because despite the ancient vampires theme, this book series is by far the most diverse one I’ve read? Characters with disabilities, LGBT characters, deities, American Sign Language, strong female characters and some extraordinary male ones
  • Because you need some V-love in your life, and Hollywood, and a hell of a lot of Wrath and Z
  • Because I care enough to make a list, I mean come on.

If you do read it, let me know so I love you forever and ever and ever? Okay, thanks!

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