That’s what he said is my newest meme hosted by! Every Thursday we post a favorite line from our book boyfriend to his heroine.

Hello lovely people! I missed last week’s meme due to work but I’m here now with yet another special guy I had the pleasure of reading just a few days ago! Tillie Cole has a history of writing about guys that make my Verified Book Boyfriends list and Ky was no exception, MC Vice President anyone? From the second installment of Hades Hangmen, I give you Kyler


“I love you, Li. You’re mine. My woman. My property. My fuckin’ old lady… my fuckin’ forever.”

“Love is life, and you are my love… you are my entire life.”

“I love you, baby. We’re gonna get you through this, ’cause, fuck, you deserve more to life than you’ve been getting. You deserve to be happy with me.”

“Love is life, and you are my love... you are my entire life.”
“Love is life, and you are my love… you are my entire life.”

See ya next week!


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