That’s what he said is a meme hosted by! Every Thursday we post a favorite line from our book boyfriend to his heroine.

Another book boyfriend from Black Dagger Brotherhood! Now this is a little tricky and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but Tohr has a painful story and I have included quotes to both his first mate and his second one!

“God, I miss you,” he said in a voice that cracked. “Every night. Every day…”

“You’re beautiful. Every inch of you. Don’t think for a moment there’s anything wrong with you. We clear?”
“Nope. I’m not hearing that.” Bending down, he pressed his lips to her shin, her calf, her ankle, tracing the scars, caressing them. “Beautiful. All of you.”

The sweetest!

“I’ve got you,” he murmured. “For as long as it takes, I got you.”
“I’ve got you,” he murmured. “For as long as it takes, I got you.”


4 thoughts on “That’s what HE said Thursday [36]”

  1. Ohh awesome pick I’ve been kind of intrigued with this book series but I don’t know if I am going to read this book series are not because it is a pretty long series but it does look and sound utterly fantastic!

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