Not really a problem, and not really a rant. Just my thoughts after being buried in ARCs for the past week and reading like my life depends on it. See, I have discovered there’s a pattern in my reading habits. I will either have nothing to read for weeks (total reading slump) or I will have ALL THE BOOKS to read.

How I find myself in the same situation over and over again, you ask? I request books when I don’t have anything to read, thinking that they will be approved within days. That doesn’t happen. What happens is that one day I wake up to a handful of approved messages. Normally I would be thrilled to have been approved and I am. For a couple of those books. I have currently 10 ARCs on my Kindle, I’m half way into the 6th one (and I’ve edited those numbers about 3 times already so its an ongoing process, really) and luckily they are not due for a while which brings me to my next issue.

I keep reading books that will be published MONTHS from now, and I can’t properly fangirl because no one is reading them – sure I do it later but by then I probably have other books to fangirl about. Back in the days it felt awesome to read books ahead of their publishing days, but now I have forgotten what it felt like to be in the hype of a new book and reading it while others do. Basically I’m speed reading and generally on a speed mode going through my ARCs, writing reviews because I WILL FORGET them afterwards and making sure my reviews are going live and being cross posted on GR and Amazon etc.

Sure, there are worse things than having too many books to read but as a blogger there’s that fine line between reading for pleasure and reading like it’s a job. I enjoy the ARCs I request – that’s why I request them in the first place because something about the blurb made me want it – and yes some I don’t, it’s all part of the balance. I’m not complaining (I literally asked for this), just merely sharing my blogger problems with the rest of you because I know you’ll understand. Reading 10 books back to back, no wonder they leave me drained and in a reading slump because, unfortunately, not even half the books I’ve read were 4-5 stars. That’s the bad side of it, that some books are just plain bad – and yes not all books are going to be amazing and mind-blowing but when you have a few bad one in a row, it’s exhausting.

Currently though I’m having  couple good ones in a row, so fingers crossed it continues! And there’s a chance none of these made sense, I just needed to write words instead of reading them for a few hours. #BloggerProblems 

Aaaaand I feel like a total asshole for complaining about having too many books OMG HOW DARE I

10 thoughts on “THE ARC PROBLEM”

  1. If you’re getting burnt out on ARCs, you should give yourself a break! Especially if the books don’t come out for months, you have plenty of time without having to speed through them 🙂 But yay, glad you’ve gotten a couple good ones in a row! And it’s so weird how that always seems to happen with NG, no response for weeks and then everything at once.
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Discussion: Does POV Change the Way You “See” the Story in Your Head?My Profile

  2. It’s feast or famine!
    Tbh, I rarely have the same problem because I hardly ever request arc’s. I like to read from my bookshelves, all the yummy books that have been sitting there patiently waiting to be read. About a year ago I finally put a stop to requesting anything and everything that sounded remotely good. I realized that was a large part of what was keeping me from what I really wanted to read. For me to request, it typically has to be a author I *love* or a book that I am crazy excited for. Instead I just show my bookshelves some love. LOL
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  3. I think i can relate to this. A few months back I got a lot of review ebooks at the same time but then I fell into a reading slump and couldn’t read much. Now this month I finally sat down and just made my way through them. I read 6 books in January and all of them were review books and I still have 3 books to read. I love getting books too and I fairly enjoyed most of them. But still, I’m just waiting for the time when I’m done with these and can read something else too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and I really hope it becomes a better reading time for you:)

  4. I wouldn’t get worried about going from zero books to read, to handfuls of ARCs all at once-try physically owning about 860 books that you have still to read! THAT is a reading problem! *giggles*

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