Title: The Hating Game
Author: Sally Thorne
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Release Day: August 9th 2016

Nemesis (n.)
1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome;
2) A person’s undoing;
3) Joshua Templeman.

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman hate each other. Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. Hate. And they have no problem displaying their feelings through a series of ritualistic passive aggressive maneuvers as they sit across from each other, executive assistants to co-CEOs of a publishing company. Lucy can’t understand Joshua’s joyless, uptight, meticulous approach to his job. Joshua is clearly baffled by Lucy’s overly bright clothes, quirkiness, and Pollyanna attitude.Now up for the same promotion, their battle of wills has come to a head and Lucy refuses to back down when their latest game could cost her her dream job…But the tension between Lucy and Joshua has also reached its boiling point, and Lucy is discovering that maybe she doesn’t hate Joshua. And maybe, he doesn’t hate her either. Or maybe this is just another game.

4 stars! 

“I have a theory. Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them. Love and hate are visceral. Your stomach twists at the thought of that person. Every interaction spikes your blood with adrenaline, and you’re in the brink of fight or flight. Your body is barely under your control. You’re consumed, and it scares you.”

Oh my! The Hating Game is a book that’s been showing on my feed for a long time and everyone is crazy over it so it scared it. Needless to say the hype was right, for a debut novel, The Hating Game is such an incredible start, I’m already looking forward to Sally Thorne‘s next book.

“What are you imagining? Your expression is filthy.”
“Strangling you. Bare hands.”

Lucy hates Joshua. That she makes perfectly clear from the start. She hates him, she loathes his meticulously picked shirts which he wears in order, his surgically cleaned, spotless desk, his blue eyes and she just really, really, really hates him. Lucy and Joshua are from two rival publishing houses which have merged and they are forced to work together, in the same cubicle, all day, every day, so they play little games…

I loved the author’s attention to details. I don’t really care about long detailed wardrobe descriptions, they piss me off but the way this book was written was like a moving, like the camera was moving along the fine details of their surroundings, casually mentioning them and not staying too long. Such finesse in her descriptions! The Hating Game has an amazing sexual build up, it’s intense and crazy long; the characters have amazing banters and they push and pull constantly.

The one thing I felt missed from this was the secondary characters; there are the big bosses that are casually mentioned, Lucy’s parents, a few co-workers and a weird could-have-been-love-triangle dude that were only used as plot devises. They keep mentioning how much they work and how busy they are but outside of work they have no friends, no relatives they are close to, nothing? Lucy mentions an ex best friend, and Joshua mentions going to the gym a lot but he never made a friend? And lets say he’s a hard guy to make friends but Lucy is an over the top loveable character, she should have at least one friend. Outside of the office and the two of them, there’s literally nothing going on in their lives, for the both of them. Also, the ending with Joshua’s family went right into soap-opera territory and that was not cool, the book was doing great and them BAM drama drama and more drama.

Overall, I loved it, I didn’t even stop for a moment and it gave me all the feels, I swooned, and I laughed, I might have cried a bit, and I just lo-lo-loved it!


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